The Evolution theory’s knock-out


1 How to debate an evolutionist

2 Is creation science or religion?

3 The end of the religion vs science argument

4 Failure of the evolution theory to be science

5 Arguments set forth by evolutionists

6 Having the answers

7 Main questions asked by evolutionists

8 Gods opinion on the theory of evolution


This creation versus evolution issue is becoming a worldwide theme of investigation worthy of research. As more and more evolution scientists leave the ranks of Darwin’s naturalistic movement and expose its fallacies the world could be coming back to a real investigation on ‘is evolution science?’ The theory of evolution, though very well presented as revealed truth, and highly worthy of respect from the great number of  highly educated proponents teaching this theory, seeing that most of the universities in this world teach that the earth come from randomness and chance, and that natural selection had  ‘made’ everything we see’ having no brain, without planning anything in advance.  Looking closer at it, the evolution theory is found to be nothing more than a false religion disguised under the robe of science who’s god seem to be a power called ‘ nothingness’ or ‘randomness’ or the power of ‘chance’ and its friend natural selection. We are not saying that everything in evolution and school books is wrong. In fact most things in science books in schoolrooms are totally accurate, but they are mixed with error.

We are not saying that all these things taught in school are one hundred percent wrong. But someone who has been deceived would have never believed a lie unless this lie would have been mixed with much truth.  No one would believe someone who would come and say ‘Hey I am going to deceive you, be ready’ Thus lies in the science school books are mixed with much truth, and it makes the lie more undetectable. As students see the astronomical unit in their school books they say: ‘Well this is science, we can measure the distance from the earth to the sun, we can prove it, we can measure this distance , thus as thisis true and many other things are true in my science school books, then I assume that are things that are taught herein is truth. This it not so. As students see the loss of mass of the sun in their school books they can say ‘Well this is science. We can measure the loss of mass of the sun, test it and prove it.’ Thus it is science, but they did not detect the lies in the books which will bring them great shipwreck of faith in the long run and ruin their spiritual lives.

Why? Because someone cannot believe in the Bible fully and believe in evolution at the same time. Some peope make compromises, but this is just a deception. As science says all things come by randomness chance and natural selection as a thinking and powerful entity, and Christians say al things come from God. I have heard evolutionists say ‘I cannot believe in the Bible because I believe in science’ And this is exactly the point. When someone accepts evolution then this becomes their model of the universe and how we got here, and automatically they have to fully reject the creation view. If you are going on the turnpike and there are two lanes Northbound and southbound. If you go northbound then you automatically chose not to go southbound. By default you chose not to go south, if someone believes in evolution they automatically chose chance randomness and natural selection as creating agents and automatically chose not to believe in God. As students see the loss of speed of the rotation of the earth, they say ‘Well this is science’ We can measure the loss of speed of rotation of the earth, test it and prove it. Thus many students will not investigate further on the rest of the books and will believe everything the teachers tell them. Just because the creationists put the solid base on science before Darwin and much of the science textbooks reside in finding from creationists such as Isaac Newton, Gregor Mendel, Pascal, Louis Pasteur, things that can be tested, proven and demonstrated, does not mean that the added theory which is: millions of years, transition from specie to specie, the geologic column, pangea, big bang would be true. In fact the evolutionists are opportunists and tak advantage of solid science brought to us by creationists and they take the solid truth and give a new meaning to it saying that all these truths can now be interpreted in a new way. For kids who go to school ‘All things that the teacher says I should listen to and believe without questioning’

And after a long day in school the first thing they want to do is go play outside instead of doing some more research on the subject taught in school to find out if it is true or not. Most evolutionists believe in evolution not because of the facts of evolution because there are no facts about evolution, but because ‘my teacher told me so’ or ‘Dawkings sys so in his book’ or ‘a scientist told me’ Thus they have such strong faith in the earthly diploma and credentials that these credentials become all powerful for them and a sign of total authority on the science topic. Yes we know that the age of the earth is changed by modern evolution every year, many concepts are being changed and found wanting. Carbon 14 when it came out was taught as fact and absolute truth, now they say carbon 14 only works for young objects and only in things which have only a few thousand years old. The truth is that even then natural selection has about 40% error.

What parts of the science books are false and which parts are true? Science is something you can see, test, demonstrate and prove. If something cannot be tested, proven nor demonstrated, then it is not science. And science cannot discriminate from whence the facts come from. Science means knowledge. Science never means evolution. If science means knowledge then knowledge from wherever it comes from is to be accepted, even if this knowledge and truth contradicts your theory. If a theory is found to have many errors and many findings come out in the open to prove this theory false, then what is the solution? 1 You can choose to disregard the facts that disprove your theory and continue teaching your theory to deceive minds and be happy in yourself in your petty doctrine, or 2 You face the facts, become honest and throw away the theory which has been proven wrong. In this bok we will se many things that will totally disprove the theory of evolution. You will have two choices 1 You can lie to yourself and chose to disregard the facts and chose to use false arguments as ‘ These findings do not come from peer review articles’ or ‘These people who found this are not scientists’ ect… which in fact have nothing to do with facts. Darwin himself ws not a scientist but an observer of nature. Then if you are honest you should disregard totally his evolution theory as this theory comes from someone who was not a scientist. But rejecting the facts will make you more hardened in lie and dishonesty. A life of unbelief and fighting your conscience and right will end up having you being very unhappy, because deep down inside you will know that creation is true, and that you would have been dishonest and you will go moe and more in lies and dishonesty in other parts of your life. And as the Bible testifies, such a person can only end up in the flames of hell, because with all the evidence they refused to admit it, then God cannot let someone who would lie to themselves and others enter Heaven where they would continue lying. As heaven is a place for peace and love. They will be without excuse in the judgment:

Ro 1:20 ‘ For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse’

Or 2 You can be honest with yourself and say ‘Ok I realize I have been fooled, the evidence for creation is so strong that I acknowledge the truth of creation and I am happy that someone has showed me where I have been deceived’

It can be called science or some great new theory by highly regarded men in the scientific community, but the fact remains that if something is taught as truth without any proof, not any facts to back it up, this so called ‘new theory truth’ is in fact a lie. The parts which are not science are: millions of years, transition from all species on the earth to other species, the geological column, the ape man, the big bang, These things are not science. Thus the best thing to do is to investigate these things and find out if there is solid evidence for them or just speculation and theory. Have you ever seen a video of the big bang? No. Have you ever seen a transformation from a cat to a dog or any other animal turning into something else? No.  Does anyone know where the geological column with all the layers is found anywhere on the earth? No. Does anyone ca prove that these layers were layed up through millions of years? No. Do any bones of so called ancient man come with a stamp that says ‘I am the forerunner of human beings today’ No. Do we know of anything which would be older than 6000 years old? No. Then these things are not science.

If no one has seen the big bang then they believe in it by faith. The only proof that evolutionist have for the big bang is that they see the universe expanding. Is this enough proof for believing in the for big bang? No. They say ‘Ok we see the universe expanding, thus we can measure back in time and coming back billions of years ago the universe would have been compact and it exploded.’ This is no more a fairy tale statement than E.T. saying ‘come home’ Why then do people believe in this more than in E.T.? Because the people who teach this have a piece of paper saying ‘scientist’ . Then we can conclude that people do not believe a theory unless the theory is taught by someone who has authority to teach it or a diploma. Then we can also conclude that whatsoever comes out of the mouth of a scientist becomes the word of truth for people who do not search out for themselves what truth and for people who are dishonest and want something to be true even though there are no facts to back up the theory. This is not science but dogma and cultic thinking.

But we can ask the questions: ‘Do scientists know everything?’ No ‘Does someone receiving a science diploma becomes all knowing?’ No ‘Does someone receiving the science diploma become more honest than other people?’ No ‘Does someone who becomes a scientist receives a power that will make him to never fail? No Haven’t many things taught as truth years ago, now been found to be totally false? Yes. Then how come millions of persons on earth give their eternal destinies in the hands of frail men who do not have all knowledge and fail and coming to conclusions on the age of the universe, and fail in their conclusions on the changes that can occur between species? This topic is extremely important. Someone who believes in randomness and chance for the appearance of the universe CANNOT believe in God. The one belief in randomness automatically excludes God.

Thus expelling the person from heaven and been found wanting in the judgment. So it is better to think twice before coming to conclusions on anything and it is better to think twice before believing anything a science teacher claim to be truth. Telling God in the judgment ‘My teacher told me’ Will be of no excuse, yet there are millions of person who think ‘Well if my teacher told me that I I believed it, then as education on earth comes from God, then God will be on my side’ No. Earthly education does not always come from God. As we saw error is always mixed with truth to deceive willfully or unconsciously. Legality or following earthly rules will not bring anyone to heaven. It does not mean that you have to break the rules, but many people believe that because they do everything the government is telling them to do, thus God will open wide the gates of heaven for them. What I say is that many people who have followed all the rules of their government all their lives will end up in hell. Incredible right? Not so. The Bible tells us to follow the rules on earth but the Bible does not say that obeying earthly rules will bring you to heaven.

Earth’s righteousness is not God’ righteousness. Someone can follow all the earthly rules and still be selfish, mean hateful, dishonest, proud, a bully and trying to intimidate others. These traits of character will never bring such a person to heaven. Yet on earth these things are not passible of judgment. Somone can ve very proud. But did you ever see someone arrested for being proud? No. Did you ever see someone arrested for intimidating others? No. Did you ever see someone arrested for being selfish? No. So we see that we can be totally earthly acceptable yet totally rejected by God and seen by Him. As vile and rotten. If people were judged according to earthly law, then all people wold move to for example France where the laws are very laid back and easy to follow.

This is why some wise people who go to church and bring their Bible with them. Why? Because they want to check if what the preacher says is true or not. Even is they have been going to this church years, they check for themselves. Thousands of young people believe in evolution for the reason that they did not check for themselves of what is taught is true or not. So when people say ‘On one side we have science and on the other we have religion’ Then the debate can go no further that this until we define what is science and what is religion. In fact the whole court case in Dover was lost because the evolutionists did state that their side was science and the other side was religion.

If we understand that most branches of science have been started by creationists, and that evolution did not bring anything to the world of science apart from a) big bang b) millions of years c) transition from specie to specie d) pangea e) geological column, then we can see that modern science is all based on creationist teachings.  Was Isaac Newton a scientist or a religious man? Was Louis Pasteur a creationist or a religious man? Was Pascal a scientist or a religious man? Both. The how come people say science is evolution and when they use the word science they mean evolution. Thus they imply in their reasoning that Darwin would have been the inventor of science. Was it so? No. Darwin did not invent science. Thus the word science is not synonymous of evolution. If there is science on one side and religion on the other. Then the person making the statement will need to explain how did Darwin invent science. Because when someone says that science is evolution. Then Darwin would be the inventor of science. Is that the case? No. Were there scientists before Darwin? Yes. Darwin himself wasn’t even a scientist? No .

Then is the big bang science? NO.There is not scientific proof for the big bang. Well it is like saying ‘You see a car with a California licence plate. It is driving 50 Miles per hour. The car is passing by in front of you in Michigan. You could say that it is a 2168 miles drive and that the car should has taken 32 hours to make the trip (expansion of the universe). But this is supposing that the car 1) Started from Los Angeles. You cannot prove that 2) You suppose also that the car always drove at the same speed. You cannot know that. The car maybe slowed down, took stops along the way ect… 3) You suppose that the car did not pass by some other road and came back to Michigan. The same is true of the big bang. 1) No one can prove the universe started from an explosion some day 2) No one can say the universe has always been expanding at the same speed 3) No one can prove that the universe did not start expanding from a certain point like at Gods creation 6000 years ago, the universe being already in place. No one can say that God did not make the universe already in expansion at creation 6000 years ago. In fact Isaiah says  Is 40:22 ‘It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in’ Even the Bible says that God started expanding the universe from a certain point at creation. If evolutionists would only read the Bible they would know what truth is. The God of the Bible tells us that He started to spread and expand the universe at the time of creation.

Who are we going to believe God or a frail human being? The eternal destiny of everyone is in question here. There is no proof that the universe was expanding before 6000 years ago. God put the light already in place at creation ready to go all over the universe. Adam and Eve were created already grown and ready to talk and function.  The big bang never happened. There is no proof. The fact that the universe is in expansion is not enough to tell us it has always been expanding before creation. Never was there a time where everything was compact and exploded.

Kent Hovind tells a good story to disprove the big bang. Lets say you have a football team at a merry go round. And kids playing on the merry go round. And the kids tell the football team. ;Come on make us turn faster and faster and faster…Lets say the kids would turn so fast that the childrens would fly off the merry go round. In which direction would they turn? The same direction than the merry go round. This is called the law of angular momentum. Any object leaving a spinning object will fly in the same direction. It is a law we cannot go around it. Another good question to ask is ‘Where does this law come from if evolution is true? Laws do not fall from the sky right? Someone had to make this law of angular momentum as all other laws. (but we will take a look at laws further)

Then the kids spinning very fast from the merry go round would fly in the same direction than when they left the merry go round. The same is true of the big bang. If the big bang is true, then all planets should be spinning in the same direction. Sadly for the big bang theory. 3 of the plants of the solar system are turning in the wrong direction. 9 of the 91 known moons are spinning in the wrong direction. Whole galaxies are spinning in the so called wrong direction. Why would you think this is so? Really if the big bang is true, then all planets should be spinning in the same direction. Why are there planets , even 3 in our solar system spinning in the wrong direction? If the big bang is true, then all planets should be spinning in the same direction. Why are they spinning in the wrong direction? It is very simple, it is because the big bang never happened. And God created the universe from nothing. ‘He spoke and it was done.He commanded and it stood fast.’ PS 33 6,9

Some people will say ‘Are you a scientist?’ ‘Then how can you decide if a scientist is wrong or not?’ Was not the world of science wrong just 50 years ago when they taught that people with mental disorders needed to have lobotomies, and have part of their brains removed so that they can function normally? Yes this was taught just 50 years ago. Not only that but the people who found the lobotomy theory Egas Moniz, and Almeida Lima from received a nobel prize because of it! We now know that this is a dangerous procedure, yet is was widely taught all over the world as a beneficial surgery on people who had mental disorders. One hundred years ago the whole world of science belived that taking blood from people helped them have their sickness out from their bodies. This is how Georges Washington died.  The world of science believed that, making a small cut in one of the veins of the patient would help the sickness to be eliminated from the body and him to recover. We now know that this is false.

Yet the world of science believed this just one hundred years ago.The same goes for believing that big rocks would fall faster than small rocks if thrown from a height. We now know this is not true. And we can find many more things that were taught by science that we know today are false.

Just having a scientist teach something does not mean it is true. Like just having a preacher teach something does not mean that what he is teaching is true. Then we need to check for ourselves. This is where people fail. Most people will take a scientist’s word without checking for themselves. This world is taken captive by an evil power, God restrains evil powers on earth, but in a great majority the media, science, education is not from God but deceives millions.

We need to know that scientists are paid to teach evolution and naturalism, they have a paycheck at the end of the month and they have to teach this evolution theory less they lose their job. More on this in the movie ‘Expelled’

Such a claim insinuates that: Only those who have diplomas can think. Other people can only believe their claims, even if they do not give any proof, their word becomes law! Science is the voice of the god of chance and should not be confronted.

We see that the inventor of this Evolution theory, even though, the doctrine of evolution has been around many thousands of years before, but was popularised by Charles Darwin. Was Darwin a scientist? No. But he as a non scientist can invent modern science and other people cannot? This is incredible dishonesty. For evolution to be part of science it would need to be  something we can:




Evolution in the which I will include: Big bang, millions of years, transition from specie to specie, pangea ect… cannot be tested, proven, nor demonstrated.

First of all we need to define that all believers in the world believe in science. There is a false teaching which has been going around in the media that ‘The Christians and believers in God do not believe in science but only in faith and in things which cannot be proven. We scientist believe in things that can be seen and proven.‘ This is false. If you believe this teaching from the world media then you have been brainwashed and deceived. Every Christian in the world believes in science.

Science was not invented by Darwin. Many times evolutionists will say the word SCIENCE, in this word they mean EVOLUTION. Is science synonymous with evolution? No. Who says that science means evolution? If this is so then Darwin would have been the inventor of science. Was Darwin the inventor of science? No

The Bible says that  Romans 8:28 ‘And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.’

In a way if the theory of evolution had never existed then the world’s masses would have never been able to see clearly the truth about God’s creation. Now places like the institute for creation research: http://www.icr.org/

Kent Hovind’s creation evangelism: http://www.creationtoday.org/

Ken Ham’s : http://www.answersingenesis.org

Would never had been created and the research done would have never found the light of day and the truth about God’s creation and how blatant the fallacies of the theory of evolution are. All things are turning out for the good as the theory of evolution is strongly exposed, so much so that this theory could be erased from the science books one day soon and only taught in some evolution cultic circles.

Many christians are afraid to tell others about the truth because: ‘i am afraid they will reject me’ Well first of all if you tell someone about Jesus or the story of creation and they reject it, it means that they are rejecting Jesus and not you. Was Jesus always accepted when He taught the people ? No. In fact Jesus was rejected many times. If the Master and the one from whom intelligence and wisdom come from was rejected, what makes you think that you as a fail human being you will be able to devise manners in which all will receive the truth? When you tell someone about creation and they do not accept it, i found out that these people will know the facts, maybe refuse to follow the truth openly, or plainly reject it, but deep down inside this truth will restrain them from much evil in their lives, haven’t they heard it before.


Many people of the earth know the truth, they have not made the decision, but the knowledge of the truth makes you and i to have the knowledge to seek God for this spiritual power to check evil in our hearts. Mt 24:14 ‘And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.’ . What you do with the truth afterwards rejecting it is none of your business, it will be between them and God. But woe unto you if you do not tell others about the truth. They will tell you ‘I do not want someone to preach to me’ Well in atheist nations we can see the atheists evangelising secular truth everywhere, bringing an atheist gospel so strong that most Muslims and christians who live in these countries have totally lost their faith in God?’ Yes atheism preaches strong, but as it is presented as science, people do not see i as preaching. One place i applied for a job to rent a massage room told me. ‘You have the name Jesus and christian on your website, we do not want you to proselytize others in our center’ As if evolutionists were not preaching a message and proselytizing others abd bringing in converts to the faith of ‘god randomnes and god chance’. So skillfully that it has become law in most countries on earth to have evolution in schools, in the media, in the news, and in our medicine!

It is very interesting to see that in all the places of the world where people have a choice between creation and evolution, most people will choose creation. In the Usa, Mexico, Colombia, Brasil, Argentina, Haiti, Cuba, in fact all America from Canada to tierra de fuego people have a few hours of Darwin in school during the week and a few hours of creation on sunday or Sabbath for the 7th day Adventists and the jews. What do most people choose ? God and creation

In Europe the setting is very different. In fact this is where most atheists in the world live and are concentrated. A young European for example, growing up, will never have any teaching about Jesus, except if the parents choose for him to go to catechism, which is only a few hours in a lifetime and almost no one does anymore. The knowledge of the Bible and creation is completely out of people’s minds and inexistant, yet they think that they know it all and that the creationists are very stupid people and who believe fairy tales. And it is not for not beliving the truth, but becaue that by default if you have been taught all your life that God does not exist and all things come fro randomness and you have never had a Bible education, and most people around you in school at work in the family your friends believe in evolution, by default you will believe in evolution too. Not because it is true, but because this is the only thing you have been taught.

As these people do not have any knowledge of creation and have many hundreds of hours of Darwin every year of their life growing up. Guess what side will they choose? In fact for them creation is not even an option as they have never studied it at all and have heard thousands of times that it is fake and a fairy tale.

1-      Is creation science or religion ?

So we come to the first chapter, the part about the masses trusting scientists because they have a diploma. This is an extremely important point because what made the creationists loose the courtcase in Dover Pennsylvania is the fact that the evolution side said that creation was not science. And the creationists did not win this point, thus the judge thought that that creation was not science and evolution was. Let us examine this point in detail.

First let us see who gives the diplomas to the scientists. Is God giving the diplomas or are some man giving diplomas to other man ? Other man. This issue of creation or evolution includes the possibility of a Divine being having created all things. Thus being the case, and humans giving diplomas to other man, if God has created the universe, then has God approved these science diplomas? No. Are these science graduate granted all knowledge as soon as they become scientists ? No. Is a scientist infallible as soon as he becomes scientist ? No. Then we need to find out who on the earth chooses what science going to be and not to be and what is going to be taught, as God does not give diplomas, then mortal man to gives out these diplomas.But mortal man are biased, full of mistakes and very limited in their knowledge.

Scientists are not infallible, thus how can the theory of evolution be taught as revealed truth and absolute truth if mortal man came up with this theory for the which there is no proof?

‘But they are scientists you should trust them’


‘But they have a piece of paper granting them to teach whatever they please’

‘But what if they have no proof for their theory and science ? ‘

‘It does not matter they are scientists and we should listen to them blindly tusting all their teachings.’

Even if they cannot prove their theory ?’

‘Yes even if they cannot prove their theory’

Then this is no more science but a cult who teaches its followers the gurus teachings and they cannot check for themselves if what is taught is truth or not. If science is the research of truth, then someone who searches for truth can only come to find truth if he is honest and truthful. Lying and deception cannot by any means male the searcher to arrive at truth, as truth is the opposite of lie and deception.

The majority of people on earth who believe in the theory of evolution do so only ‘because my teacher told me’ I was on the plane the other day flying from Dublin to New York and the young lady next to me said:

‘But my teacher told me that animals have gill slits, remains of their ancestors.’

‘It this a belief or can your teacher prove that these gill slits came from some other animal?’

No it cannot be proven it is just a belief, and a religious belief, as there is no video, no picture no proof of something turning into something else. If it cannot be proven, demonstrated nor tested, then it is a religion. Why ? Because it is believed by faith. What is religion ? Something you cannot see and believe anyway.

The big bang

Millions of years,

The geological column

Transition from specie to specie


Are these teachings are all taught as science, but there is no science behind all these things as there is no scientific proof for them, these beliefs: big bang, millions of years, pangea, transition from specie to specie, the geological column are only religious beliefs! They only exist in the imagination of artists who are paid by the evolution community to make believe something for the which there is no reality.

Yes the majority of people believe in the theory of evolution just because their teachers said so or some scientist said so. We can now ask the question: ‘How do these people know, wouldn’t they have to have all knowledge to come to such conclusions?’

Yes. Do scientists have all knowledge? No. Lets say we have 1% of all knowledge in the universe. Is it possible that God exists in the 99% of knowledge we do not have? Yes. Lets say we have a court case and the judge knows only 1% of the case. The persons prosecuted enter. And the judge says You on the right you are going to jail 10 years. ‘Why?’ ‘Because I say so’ ‘What proof do you have?’ ‘I have no proof but I am licenced to sentence you’ How long this judge would remain a judge? How come this reasoning is accepted in the scientific community? For someone to come t conclusions on something he would need to know the topic very well and have equality and justice in his mind to come to a conclusion. No man knows everything, then the only reasonable thing to do is let God tell us what truth is and what our duty is.

Will someone give away their eternal life just because some frail, mortal human being said something to them and they believed them because they have a diploma ? What a grand deception!

What a sad thing to have trusted in some evolution scientist and find out at the end they they were wrong and lead millions in hell because of their words, and were only doing the Devil’s job! What a fearful account will the leaders in the evolution movement will have to gove to God in that day. I will not want to be in their place. Explaining why they would have brought millions of young kids to hell with them. Incredible!

So the only authority humans have for the theory of evolution is man’s opinion. This is a very weak point to have on the evolutionist’ side of things.

Let us ask the question: ‘Was Darwin a scientist? ‘ No. Darwin was a naturalist and even went to Bible school, got onboard of the Beaggle, took the book ‘principles of geology’ by Lyell on the boat, and totally lost his faith in God ‘gradually’. Thus the evolution theory does not come from a scientist but an observator of nature! Next time someone tells you : ‘you are not a scientist and you cannot think for yourself on these matters’ Tell them that ‘neither was Darwin a scientist.’

Was Isaac Newton the founder of calculus, dynamics the law of gravity and telescopes a religious man or a scientist? Both

Was Pascal the founder of hydrostatics and the barometer a religious man or a scientist? Both

Was Louis Pasteur the founder of bacteriology and biogenesis law a religious man or a scientist? Both

Was Gregor Mendel the founder of genetics a religious man or a scientist? Both

Was Rudolpf Virchow the founder of pathology a religious man or a scientist? Both

Was Sir Georges Stroke the founder of fluid mechanic a religious man or a scientist? Both

Was Sir James simpson the founder of gynecology and chloroform a religious man o a scientist? Both

Was Bernhard Reimann the founder of non eucledian geometry a religious man or a scientist? Both

Was John Rayleigh the founder of dimentional analysis a religious man or a scientist? Both

Was John Ray the founder of natural history and classification of animals and plants of religious man or a scientist? Both

Was Sir William Ramsey the founder of inert gases and isotropic chemistry a religious man or a scientific? Both

Was Samuel Morse the founder of the telegraph a religious man or a scientist? Both

Was James Maxwell the founder of electrical dynamics and stastitical thermodynamics a religious man or a scientist? Both

The same goes for

Matthew Maury (hydrograpgy, oceanography)

Joseph Lister (antiseptic, surgery)

Carolus Linnaeus (classification system and systematic biology)

Johannes Kepler (celestial mechanics, physical astronomy)

Lord William kelvin (thermodynamics, absolute temperature scale)

James Joule (reversible thermodynamics)

Sir William Herschel (galactic astronomy, double stars)

Joseph Henry (electric motor, galvanometer)

Sir John Fleming (electronics, thermic valve)

Michael Faraday (electric generator, electromagnetics)

Jean Henry Fabre (entomology of living insects)

Sir Humphry davy (thermokinetics)

Georges Cuvier (comparative anatomy, vertebrate paleontology)

Sir david Brewster (optical mineralogy, kaleidoscope)

Robert Boyle (chemistry, gas dynamics)

Francis Bacon (scientific method of research)

Charles Babbage (actuaries tables, calculating machine, fondations of computer science)

Louis Agassiz (glacial geology, ichthyology

So we see that most branches of science were founded by people who were creationists and believed in a young earth as he Bible teaches. In fact we can ask, what advancement in science did the theory of evolution give science, the theory of evolution being: millions of years, big bang, transition from specie to specie, geological column ect? No advancement in science whatsoever!

The only reason some people on earth believe these things to be part of science is because some persons with earthly diplomas said so. And we need to stress that all Christians believe in science. Some people I debate with say that ‘Well you Christians do not believe in science so you are dumb’ There is no such thing as a Christian who does not believe in science as the Bible says that God created all things. Many things in science books are true and real science.

SCIENCE =Something you can test, prove and demonstrate.

Let us do a little test:

Is the astronomical unit, or distance from earth to the sun  science or evolution? Science. Why? Because  this is something you can test prove and demonstrate.

Is the loss of mass of the sun science or evolution? Science. Why? Because it is something you can prove, test and demonstrate.

Is the speed of rotation of the earth science or evolution? Science. Why? Because you can prove it, test and demonstrate that the earth is rotating as such a speed.

Is the big bang science or evolution? Evolution. Why? Because it is not something you can prove, test and demonstrate. Thus it is a religious belief, believed by faith, thus a religion!

Are transitions from specie to specie science or evolution? Evolution. Why? Because no one has ever seen nor proven that one animal ever turned into another animal.

 They teach this transition issue s fact, but it does not make it true, they say all animals came from something else or man came from monkeys, but there is no proof about this. Just because we have minor transition in the species does not mean that this specie can change into something else. No one has ever observed this change. We see finches in the Galapagos with bigger and smaller bics on other islands. But these monir changes that God has created to keep the speciesalive does not mean that they can change into other creatures. Lets say I live in Alaska and move to Mexico, will I go through changes? Yes. I will have to adapt to the language, the food, the climate. But I will not turn into E.T. This is where people get deceived, just because we se small changes in the creatures, does not mean they change into other creatues. In fact if these natural selection changes did not exist, no life will be on earth, and all creatures would have long died from not being able to adapt to their environments.

Evolutionists say: ‘Man and monkeys just have similar material’ , so does the pontiac firebird and the chevy. They have ac, four wheels, a battery, does it mean that they evolved from one another? No. It does not make them to have evolved since millions of years. But evolution being mixed with real science, most people will accept everything as a whole and not check if all is true or not.

The only way to have someone believe a lie is to mix it with truth. Rat poison is 99% good food! All religions of the world have much truth, even the church of Satan believes in helping others!

But having some truth and part lies means that the theory of evolution is a grand lie! As God cannot have some lies mixed with truth because Jesus is the way the truth and the life.

 Titus 1:2 ‘In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began.’ The Bible says that God cannot lie. God can only tell the truth. Thus the Bible is either all true or all false and a deception.

So what people have been made to believe about things only come from human opinion. As human opinion are not absolute, and not always true, then how can we trust what the media or someone says about what is science and what is not science being his own opinion? Opinions on personal matter as “What color do you prefer?’ ‘Do you like cities or mountains better?’ Ect are personal opinions. When we take the topic of evolution vs creation for example, this is an absolute. Only one truth can be true. Both cannot be true, and one of the answers must be 1005 false. There is no compromise.

The only way to really trust what someone says about something is that if this person would have absolute knowledge about everything there is to know about the universe. This not being the case for any human being. In fact if we have 1% percent of all knowledge that would be extremely generous. Very possibly we could have 1 billon% of 1% of all knowledge. So what media tells us what in science is true or not true. Will God judge you according to what you heard on the media? No.

Science has never needed the theory of evolution to do science. Science was around hundreds of years before Darwin was born, and almost all branches of science have been started by creationists. What is science? Science is knowledge. Science is something someone can prove test and demonstrate. Many things in science books are real science. They are things that we can prove, test and demonstrate. Yet since 150 years real science has been infiltrated by false science as God calls it in 1 Timothy. What is this false science? Real science has been mixed with: big bang, millions of years, transition from one specie to another specie, pangea, the geological column. These things and ideas, presented as science are not science, but just some unproven theory. Personal opinion stuff on an absolute topic.


Why then would someone accept these ideas as science? It is very easy. These errors are mixed with science in science books, thus most people accept them as the rest of the book as revealed knowledge. They trust the people that have put these false theories in science books and they believe them to be revealed truth. They trust the government or the state who agreed to have these things taught in public schools as truth. They trust the science teachers who have a degree and are teaching them these false science theories. They believe in these theories, why? Because of the faith they have in the authorities, rather than in the truth. Their faith in teachers and scientists is so strong, that it supersedes a personal research. Faith in man, faith in the science book publishers, faith in the state regulation, faith in their science teachers, faith in what is taught on tv and talked about in their favourite channel, and faith in the modern scientific community. It is interesting to see that the modern science community has never given plausible evidence for evolution, no evidence for an animal turning into another animal, no proof that the big bang happened. But millions choose to believe in the drawings and the few so called transitional fossils to base their eternal damnation on. Incredible.


The sad fact is that most people will not investigate further. And they give the argument of ‘Well you and your Bible you are in the dark ages, we are in the age of science’ In the dark ages the masses in Europe believed everything the priests told them, even if these were lies, they believed them and did not check for themselves what truth is. The same goe today, the media, teachers and scientists are the priests of the middle ages who mixed lies with truth to deceive millions.

They say ‘well my teacher said so and so’ It is true that many in faith communites believe in the Bible not for themselves, and not because of personal study, but because ‘my mom goes to church’ or ‘the preacher said so and so’.  In both cases people do not make a personal investigation of what is truth. Just because your teacher taught you something does not mean it is true. The age of the earth is changing every year. Many things that were taught as truth yesterday by scientists are found to be false today. Why hang your faith on faulty human beings? And why not base your faith on the Eternal God who never errs? Then it means that all the science community was wrong last year about the age of the earth and have been totally wrong next year, and the science community will be wrong about the age of the earth and other issues every year since Darwin! Talk about personal opinion rather than science or absolutes!

The science-evolution community has been wrong on many subjects the which they revise once in a while. Then we can conclude that they do not have absolute truth, they do not have all the knowledge in the universe, thus they are not capable to judge truthfully as they are full of bias, because in fact I think they should completely burry the evolution theory and bring it out some other time when they have absolute proof for all of the sides of this theory, the big bang, the transition from one animal into another animals, the geological column, millions of years ect…We will believe when prof will be given in absolute form that the universe is millions of years old and when they will show us anywhere on the earth where the geological column is as shown in the textbooks. Did you know that nowhere on the earth do we find the geological column as taught in the science books! And this theory is being taught in your school, and the childrens in your neighbourhood are being taught the layers have millions of years, yet there is no proof for that!

We see the drawings of the Jurassic, Devonian, Cambrian layers, but these layers in the order found in the textbooks do not exist in reality! Nowhere on earth do we have the layers in the order we have them in the school books. Talk about deception and lying to kids and society! This geological column is only a fiction of the imagination. We have in the so called ‘Cambrian layer’ primitive animals. Then suddenly in the next layer we arrive at animals which are a lot larger. How did these animals transform themselves at once? Is there a miracle potion in the dirt to transform animals? Or didn’t the smaller animals during the flood stay behind while the bigger animals went to the uppermost places of the earth and that is why they are found on the top layers. We find fossils of fish on all the top mountains of the earth. Do fishes walk uphill? Do fish do mountain climbing? No. Why don’t we have the millions of transitions which would go from the trilobite found in the so called ‘Cambrian layer’ to the larger animals found in the next layer of the so called ‘Ordovician period’? Why does the trilobite, which is supposed to be one of the most primitive creature ever, why does it has one of the most complex eye in existence? If evolution does not go in reverse, how can the eye quality and evolution go in reverse? Because evolution did not happen, there are only minor God given variations in the creatures. Living trilobites have been found? A live coelacanth has been found in South Africa in 1938 December, 25. If these creatures are supposed to have been extinct since millions of years. If not extinct, how come this animal did not evolve since millions of years if evolution is true?

2-The end of the religion vs science argument:

The argument about science vs religion cannot stand then with the above mentioned arguments. No one will be able to say to God in the judgment: ‘God, my teachers all taught me that evolution was a fact. It is not my fault is I believed them, as society says that we have to believe whatever they tell us. If God says that all things were made by Him and that God invented science and the word science is used in different times in the Bible written from 150 BC to 90 AD. What was the meaning of the word science then? Was the prophet Daniel skillful in science and the meaning was; Daniel was skillful in the evolution theory? No. It meant Daniel was skillful in knowledge, and Daniel believed in a 6 day creation.

Daniel 1:4 ‘Children in whom was no blemish, but well favoured, and skilful in all wisdom, and cunning in knowledge, and understanding science, and such as had ability in them to stand in the king’s palace, and whom they might teach the learning and the tongue of the Chaldeans.’

The meaning of the word science here is the creation of God. Who then changed the meaning of the word science, to have the word science mean for most people now: evolution? Yes it came from Darwinism. Huxley and the club X are responsible to have published and marketed the ‘origin of species of Darwin. Totlly an atheist agenda to secularise the masses.


Did they have a précise goal in mind? Definitely. Darwin having connections in Cambridge knew that if he published a book it would become successful. Lyell the predecessor of Darwin, and who’s book Darwin took on board of the Beagle and which destroyed his faith in the Bible, said that he wanted to rid science of Moses. Why would these persons want to falsify science to brainwash the masses into believing that now since 150 years science is evolution and everything we see is explained by randomness and chance. In Europe and being a missionary to Europe I see that many people have a very strange idea of God. Most people in Europe see God as a very aggressive being. In Europe, many people are afraid of God, and are afraid of believing in Him, because the only image of God they have is the dark ages medieval inquisitor and vengeful idea that the papacy gave to the World. I understand that if God was like that if would be a fearful thing to be alive. But thank God , He is very kind and merciful and gentle. Sadly the people in Europe do not know that. Why? Because they have never read the Bible, not even once for the majority.We can see this belief in the interviews Richard Dawking gives. This is his idea he has of God. Where do they get this belief from? Not the Bible as most evolution scientists and atheist do not have a clue what the Bible says.

This is a belief they take from what the middle ages papacy have taught about God. Flagelate yourself, do not have any sex, become celibate, fast 40 days for lent, do penances, walk hundreds of miles to atone for your sins and work to receive salvation. Confess to the priest, keep Sunday and the pagan holidays, bow down to the pope, who is infallible. Do not rad the Bible for yourself. All thiese things are lies and make Europeans not to want anything to do with God. These are not teaching of the Bible on God.

God is extremely merciful, kind and loving. Doesn’t God know that you are a sinner? Are you surprising God if you tell Him you are bad and desperately wicked? No. God knows that all humans are fallen from birth but can overcome their sinful tendencies for evil through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Roman 3:23 ‘For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.’

This could be the main argument for why some persons in leadership position In the Uk during the time of Darwin took the opportunity of their influence to rid science of Moses. But we see that eliminating science from truth, or mixing errors with truth will never make these errors truth. Science should be the search of the truth about the universe and the earth. Talking about this issue which is truth against error, the only way we can come to the conclusion and find what is true is that we are honest and accept whatever we find that can be tested, proven and demonstrated as answer. If we find that the truth goes against something we believed, then we need to be honest and humble ourselves enough to accept the truth and throw away the false beliefs we had.

No matter how much we liked the lie we believed in.

Modern science is doing the opposite of searching for truth. Modern science has a preconceived agenda and teaches the masses only what they want to be taught as truth. People do not have a chance to see both sides. In many countries like the Usa, Mexico, Argentina, Brasil, Colombia ect.. people have a few hours of creation a week in church, against the few hours of Darwin during the week in school. Thus they can make a choice. In Europe I see that most people in France for example where people are evolutionists in the extreme, England, Germany and very much in Scandinavia. Such beautiful countries and lovely, nevertheless the masses over there I saw have no knowledge of the Bible and creation at all. The only notions they have about creation are completely distorted and come from middle ages thinking.

We see that in these countries the great majority choose Darwin and the theory of evolution not because they think it is right, but because they have been taught that ‘Believing otherwise is very stupid and that scientists know what is right and wrong’ And they choose Darwin. This is so sad. And almost no one is going to Europe to make ready this beautiful people for the second coming! Most people in Europe have no creation teaching, yearly maybe to hours at Christmas for the minority, and hundreds of hours of evolution in school per year. Creation has no chance against such an amazing evolution brainwashing. Thus it is interesting to see that in the countries where people have balanced teachings the majority will chose creation, and in countries where creation is not taught, the majority will chose evolution!

One other argument that evolutionists give often is: ‘Prove there is a God’. We see in the history of the world that the majority of the people who have ever lived in the earth since the creation have believed in creation. The theory of evolution is only 150 years old. This is brand new. As a new teaching, evolutionists and adepts of Darwin have the burden of proof and have to explain to the multitudes why evolution should be true. Plus the majority of people on earth today believe in creation 1.5 Billion Christians 1 Billon catholics 1 Billion Muslims. Evolutionists are the minority, thus the burden of proof resides on them on why would the evolution theory would be science, and why should it be taught in the schools without any science to back it up. If found wanting in arguments, and if a theory is found to have been taught and is found to be fraud, the people who have taught it and deceived others, are even in danger of ending up in jail for deliberate fraud! The creation vs evolution issue is definitely a tremendously important issue.


Randomness and chance

Circle of the earth

3-      God’s opinion on the theory of evolution:

What does God say about the theory of evolution? If God is all knowing and all powerful He knows everything in advance, thus He would know if the theory of evolution is true or false. We always search for what some man on this little planet earth has said about evolution. We see that any man who has ever lived on earth cannot have all knowledge. Not just that, but any man on earth only has an extremely limited knowledge about the universe and God’s creation. To come to conclusion about the existence of God from man’s point of view, is to be completely devoid of wisdom. Can a man be intelligent, have a science degree, yet be devoid of wisdom? Yes. For example let’s take Richard Dawking in the movie Expelled. I like Richard Dawkng as a human being. I think he is very polite, kind and patient. But that does not make him right.

When Ben Stein asked Dawking in Expelled:

‘Mr Richard Dawking let’s say you died tonight and meet God in heaven, and find out you were wrong. What will you tell him then?’

Dawking answers: ‘Well, I will tell Him, why did you take so much pain to hide yourself?’

This is quite an amazing statement. It means that some people, even highly intelligent people think that after they die, God will be nice enough to let them choose again where they will want to go , and they think that they will have a second chance and God will tell them: ‘Don’t worry son, it is not your fault if you believed in evolution, after all you listened to your teachers’ , like in a video game or an amusement park attraction, where you can play the game again. No God will not give a second chance. No God will not let people choose their eternal destination after they die, no God will not be mocked. People on Earth have the Bible, people on earth have the Old and New Testament, people on earth have creation, nature, they can see without any doubt His eternal power and Godhead through the things created. The people of earth will have no excise not to have believed in God. Small transition from specie to specie will be of no excuse!

How can someone so intelligent be so devoid of wisdom and not understand that God means what He says! Unbeliveable. And that there will be no more changing minds after one dies?

The time to investigate this very important issue is now. After you die there will be no more time nor possibility to change your mind. Once you have a child you cannot make him or her to go back into the womb. All out actions, thoughts and deeds will me met in the judgment of God. After the resurrection of the dead. Nevertheless if you have accepted Jesus Christ, the substitute for your evil deeds and thoughts, these will be erased forever as if never commited.

But now let us see what God says about the theory of evolution.

A good question God would be asking if He appeared on earth to all evolutionists is:

 Job 38: 1 ‘Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?’


And a good question to ask is ‘But if God is really God, why doesn’t He appear on earth,

Himself or talk to us from heaven audibly? This is a good question. Let us imagine that God appears in the white house and all presidential houses all over the world to talk to the wodl’s inhabitants. Would that make the majority to follow Him? No Would that make people live Him? No. Why? Because to love someone you would need to know this person. And this is the whole issue. The history of the world is a love story. A love story contains lots of passages about two persons spending time together and loving each other. If you as a human being to not know God not believe in Him nor love Him. The only way to find out who God is is to spend time with Him. How? In the Bible, prayer. As eternal live is not so much a doing right against wrong issue, but much more about keeping a love connection with Jesus and getting to know Him.

John 17:3 ‘And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.’


God asks the question who are you who darkens counsel with his own opinion or words without knowledge. The theory of evolution is much a personal opinion theory. The persons who have created it have not coulseled with God to ask His opinion. They felt things, saw things. ‘Finches in this island have bigger bics than finches on this other island…….I conclude that this is evolution and that these finches will turn into a horse one day’

This is completely a personal opinion. The beginning of the observation is good. It is true that creatures have variations, different climates and environment bring some variation in species. But to conclude and deceive millions in believing that these minor changes can bring about different species is unproven and only a personal opinion matter. God says all things were created after its kind.


All dogs still produce dogs, all cats still produce cats, all birds still produce birds. This variation to different creature business is only found in the textbooks. Nowhere in the universe is there anything producing something else than its kind.


God says that this theory of evolution idea darkens the truth of the Bible. If you darken something, it means that it used to be pure and that it is becoming corrupted. We now see many Christians all over the world who try to add millions of years in Genesis. They are confused, they have become darkened with the teachings in college about false science and trying to mix lies with the Word of God. The great majority of people who ever lived since Adam and Eve plainly saw in the days of creation a 24 hour day.


The first time that a great number of people started to change God’s meaning on Genesis 1:5 ‘And the evening and the morning were the first day.’ Was when Darwin came up with the theory of evolution. Most reformer, preachers and church leader before this time all believed in a 6 literal day creation. To say other wise would mean that God would have written the Bible only for Bible scholars with a theology degree. Is every Christian on earth a Bible scholar? No. If the Sabbath is still a 24hour day, then the other days are still 24 hour days of creation. Then some people try to give some prophetic verses like 2 Peter 3:8 ‘But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.’  Prophetic language is only interpreted prophetically. The 2300 days of Daniel 8:14 means 2300 years.

One day is one year in prophetic language:

Number 14;34 ‘After the number of the days in which ye searched the land, even forty days, each day for a year, shall ye bear your iniquities, even forty years, and ye shall know my breach of promise.’

A beast in prophecy means = kingdom

he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces.’

Revelation 13:1 ‘And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.’

Revelation 17:15 ‘And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.’ Yet we know full well that Genesis is not prophetic generally but literal. In the verse ‘one day is like a thousand years’ it is not saying one day is a thousand years, but it is saying ‘one day is like a thousand years’ Does the verse say one day is a thousand years? No It says that FOR GOD one day is like one thousand years and a thousand years like one day. I think it means that as God has all wisdom, then in one day God can see all the moves and thoughts and deeds of billions of the inhabitants of the earth. We prsonaly do not know wht is really happening on th earth. The news tell us only an infinitely fraction of what happens on the earth in a given day. But for God all is seen and all thought and deeds ar known. God sees all the business transtions happening in one day the billions of dollars which circle the earth. God sees all the sick people who go to the hospital and those who sufer as those who are happy and in plenty . God sees the thousands of babies who are born each day. God sees all the arguments, the violence in all continents in each single city of the world, island, capitals, small towns! Compared to man’s view on life, one day is really for God as one thousand days!

In Psalms 33: 6,9 it says ‘ By the word of the Lord were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth.For he spake, and it was done; he commanded, and it stood fast.’ What does it mean that God created all things by His Word? By the breath of His mouth. Does it take millions of years to speak out the universe into existence? No. ‘He spake and it was done’ How long does it take to speak? One moment. And the things of the universe arrived in their order.

So the issue at hand is whether we are going to believe God or believe someone with a diploma. Some people would only want to believe what someone tells them and that they can see, rther than an invisible being. And this is exactly why God stays invisible, to bring to light the character of humans, so that they can fix their defects before being able to enter heaven. It is like someone has friend, and when the friend is around, they meet people and always talks good about this friend in front of him. But when this friend moves away to a foreign country, this person knows that they will be away for a long time, and they talk bad in their back. Every person they find, they use the time to talking about the person who went away. Why? Because the peson is not present so that they feel they will not hear!

You might say to yourself ‘God if He exists is far away, thus, He is not listening to me and I am free to say whatever about Him, and treat Him as if He did not exist. And I would prefer to listen to people I ca see, and from whom I can advantage myself. In this case the theory of evolution seems silly, to have everything come from nothing and randomness. Nevertheless it advantages me, to have  seemingly excuse for my behaviour which is in fact just an evolved animal behavior. Deep down in my heart, I know that the theory of evolution is not true, and was made up to bring the nations into materialiam and for the leadership to control the world, in having the masses completely hympotised with entertainment and passing pleasures, and having them believe in human theories and dogmas, because we have taught them to believe with all their heart in scientist’s opinions as if they came from God himself.

Thus making the scientist diploma all powerful and making the scientists receive a unerring supernatural power, and reciving the gift of all knowledge at the reception of this diploma! Our greatest fera is that the masses would examine fully the theory of evolution and find out that this theory is not true and just some made up human theory to do away with God in the minds of people. Yet these people, even not beliving in God, still have a conscience and know the difference between right and wrong. They do not believe in heaven nor hell, they do not believe in the soon coming judgment. Yet they still feel guilty for the wrong deeds like the Christians and the Bible believing people of the world! Isn’t that funny! If God didn’t exist, then you would not have anymore bad conscience and you would never feel guilty ever, because the theory of evolution says that the only reason we are here on earth is to survive and replicate. A guilty conscience is just the proof that God exists and has created all things including putting in men the knowledge of good and evil and a conscience when evil deeds are done’

The difference is that what I see with many evolutionists is that they see God as very evil, vengfull and angry. In the church and the numbers of believers there are two more classes. 1 The Pharisees and the outward religious and 2 The friends of God . The religiousness of many Christians have turned away many millions of people from God. By their judgmentalism, by their angry denunciacion of sin without mercy, by the hypocritical deportment and their belief of salvation bytheir own righteousness is an abomination to God and an offense to Him, and turns away many people from the loving Jesus. Jesus is the friend of sinners. If you think of God as very vengeful and angry you are deceived. God nows that you are a sinner, that you cannot help yourself in sinning. There is no way any human being can overcome sin by himself. This is an impossibility.

Many self righteous people, who do many religious acts to be right with God, are completely deceived on their own condition. In these religious atcs a lot of them have not much to do with the main point of creation: How people treat each other. This is where sin mostly come in.  How do you treat God? How do you teat others? Well this is where the rubber meets the road! Many people in churches are full of pride. Did someone ever go to jail because he is proud? No. Yet this is a very offensive sin in the eyes of God. And pride is what caused the fall of Satan! In pride, you will not be able to love others because yourself will be in all situations number one and you will be benefiting yourself before others. God loves you. You are the most percious thing God has on this earth. God thinks about you all the time. If you would fail heaven, this would be a tragedy for Him. He would be sad forever. And you would sadden the gentle, kind and extremely pitiful heart of God forever. Come to Him. With all your defects, God can remedy all your defects of character!

4 Failure of the evolution theory to be science:

Some human beings might say that the theory of evolution is science, but has God given His opinion? Who would be right? If we had God on one side and Darwin on the other side, who would have more knowledge? Who would have more wisdom? Who is all knowing? Who is omniscient? Ho is omnipresent? To come to the conclusion that God does not exist, there is only one solution is if that person claiming sich a thing would have 1_ all knowledge: This human being must have read all the human books, and must have read all the intergalactical books, plus would have have lived millions of years and must have been around when the big bang happened and seen natural selection’s first day of Hudini’s job of changing something into something else. Does such a person exist woul would have all the knowledge in the universe. No. Lets say the most knowledgeable person who ever lived on earth would have 1 of a thousand of one percent of all knowledge. Is it possible that God could exists in the immensity of things he does not know? Who knows if knowledge has no limit? As God is all knowing and infinite, knowledge must lso be infinite, thus human knowledge is extremely small and insignificant.


How then can a human being conclude such a thing as God does not exist? He cannot. Why? Because the facts he has on the subject are extremely pale and too few to conclude anything with sufficient wisdom.

Can we come to conclusion on a country’s economy by looking at a world’s map? No. Can you conclude the music of an arist is bad or good just looking at the cover of his cd? No. Can you come to conclusion about a politician by loking at a picture of him and having this as the only knowledge you have about him? No. Then the same apply with God. Humans do not know enough to conclude God does not exist.


In fact if God is true, cannot He choose to have 40 persons through a 1500 year period write His book? Yes. Could God speak from the sky everyday to all humans instead of having had to write the Bible? Yes. Would that have helped humans develop faith in Him? No. If faith is one of the greatest quality of character to develop to make it in heaven, then it was mandatory for God to hide Himself until the right time at the second coming.

Did man have enough proof of God’s existence? Yes. The Bible says in Romans 1 that no one, including the greatest evolution scientists would have any excuse at the judgment.


Why does God require faith? Because He wants to. Doesn’t He have the right to require faith from human beings as Creator of the universe? Yes. Is this something strange and out of the ordinary. Yes. Yet who ever said that God is like a human? The way things are done here on earth, pride, showing off, selfishness, ungratefulness, unconcerned, ect these traits do not exist in heaven. God is comepletely opposite to pride and showing off. Many people do not believe in God because they think that God is like humans and likes to show off and is proud. If this was the case, yes then God would show off his power.


Everyday God would send an extremely powerful sky fireworks to dazzle the senses. God would appear in Heaven and have the most extreme and amazing show you would have ever seen. Then all the inhabitants of the earth would applause and bow down to Him. Then if anyone would not bow down to Him , God would send an angel to strike them dead instantly!


Yet God is completely opposite. When Jesus’ brothers asked Him ‘Why don’t you show yourself’ We have an amazing indication on who God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit are. Jesus had many opportunities to show Himself. In fact Jesus could in an instant have made the most amazing mansion ever build to appear for Him to live. This mansion could have been guarded by billions of angels and Jesus could have thrown billions of dollars throuth the streets and received worship. But this is not the character of God.


The most beautiful thing in the earth are where almost no one lives. Why would God create such beautiful things to me admired by no one? Inside the seas there are quite amazing wonders that no one has ever seen until recently with out technology, and still we have much of the oceans inexplored. Why are these wonders like seas in the midst of seas ect hidden from view? If God loved to show off then these things would be in full view. Jesus choose to have no house of His own. Only one coat and no place to lay his head! What! The Creator of the universe. It is like you are the president of the United states and choose to live under a bridge somewhere in some inner city! Why? Because God is very sweet and humble.


Thus we conclude that as God does not like to show Himself, man has to search for Him. God promises ‘You will seek Me and find Me when you shall search for Me with all your heart.’ God promises you that if you search for Him truthfully and with all your heart, God will reveal Himself to you! Here too we see where no one in the judgment will have any excuse not to have believed I Gid who promises all human beings to reveal Himself to anyone who searches for Him!



Through my debates I have realized that many people I debate with, evolutionists and scientists have a very strong opinion about the Bible . So I ask them: ‘If you know the Bible so well, then explain to me the 2300 days prophecy of Daniel 8:14 No one has been able to explain to me the 2300 days prophecy of Daniel 8:14 And in fact many of them confess never having read the Bible. Then we realize that many persons who believe in the theory of evolution in fact only believe in it because some teacher told them it was true, but they never checked to see what God’s opinion on the origin of the universe is.


So they are unfit to debate the subject of creation versus evolultion as they do not anything about the Bible. On the other side almost every Christian havs a good understanding on the theory of evolution contrary to what evolutionists claim ‘You Christians do not understand the theory of evolution’

In school Christian are required to sit in evolution classes too ad they have the same so called ‘science’ tught to them. So we know well what this so called science is about. But in this matter we as believers in the creation of the world 6000 years ago can judge rightly because we have examined both sides. Evolutionists many times have not examined the Bible, or if they do they do so to find some errors in it and come with prejudiced minds.

In the search of truth that we re doing in the evolution and creation issue, we are searching for the truth. The only way someone can come to find the truth is if they are honest. Dishonesty and lying spirits and minds cannot see the truth nor accept it, because the creation and evolution issue is a truth issue not only a knowledge topic.


Many people tell me, that the Bible says that th earth was flat. This is very important as I have this questions almost every time. Many evolutionists still believe that the Bible says that the earth is flat. This shows their ignorance in the Word of God. The Bible never says that the earth is flat.

Who then said that the earth was flat? The catholic church and some catholic theologians. You see then the Bible says the earth is flat. No. Are catholic theologians the Bible? No. What some Christian do or teaches which is contrary to the Bible is nto to be added to the Bible. God is not responsible to what some catholic theologians teach.


All protestant reformers have taught in fact that the papacy is the antichrist. The members of this organization many times are honest, good ald loyal, but the details of the papacy as taught in Daniel 7 which gives us 7 signs to discover who the antichrist is and Revelation 13 gives us without a shadow of a doubt who the antichrist is. It is so partly because it has taught many false doctrines like: Mary being God herself an co-redemprix, the pardon of your sins by priest who are only human beings, the mass being the crucifixion of Jesus all over again every time there is a mass. Yet the Bible says that Jesus was offered once for all.


The celibacy of nuns and priest. The Bible says to beware of those who forbid to marry! It teaches the immortality of the soul, limbo, purgatory the 5 star location airpot transit where you will be able to wait for God’s decision on our case! And yes it has taught that the earth is flat.

But the Bible never said that the earth is flat, in fact it says in Is that the earth is round. How could Isaiah know 700 years before the birth of Jesus and 2000 years before modern science found this truth that the earth was round? Did Isaiah had a special machine to find out the earth is a circle? Or was it a revelation from God?


But you say ‘I don’t care because when I get to God’s judgment I will be able to tell Him I believed in Darwin because my teachers ans evolution scientists taught it. And it is not my fault.’ Not so. On earth many people ut the blame of their beliefs on other people, but everyone will be responsible to what they believed for themselves. Do not trust what your preacher, priest, scientist, teacher says about anything without checking for yourself deeply. This is a very serious matter as your eternal destiny could be lost or won according to what you have believed and what you have received as truth. ‘But why souldn’t I trust what these people who went ot school 10 years say. Aren’t they real scientists and licenced and legally able to explain to the world what science is?’ If this is your thought you must prove why human knwledge is infallible and always right.

 There is no doubt that many things in the medical school are right and in science also. As we have noted above, many things in science books are true. But is something is to be taught, and true, it must be all true. A mixing of true facts and lies and deceptions are very dangerous as most people will receive and believe the lies with the truth without checking for themselves. How many young college students do you think go home after school and check if what the teacher said is true or false? Almost no one. Why? Because most people have an implicit faith on human knowledge as if it could never be wrong.


The age of the earth is being changed every year by evolution scientists. Many things in evolution is being changed periodically. Would this theory be changed at all if it was true and infallible? No. Did God ever need to change the Bible ever? No. Why? Because the Bible is infallible and has no mistake in it. But who does the evolution toehry need to be changed if it was the truth about the origin of the earth? Darwin talked about spontaneous generations in the orgin of species. Yet abandoned this belief 3 years later when Louis Pasteur told him that such theory is not part of reality and only pure science fiction.


And almost every evolutionist will agree on the fact that many things advanced as scientific truths by the evolution scientists one day are changed later on and discovered to be untrue. Someone told me, if something is taught as truth one day then it si true for the time being as we do not have more knowledge about the subject. This is dangerous thinking, many people have no problem accepting false information brought about by evolution scientists and they accept them as revealed knowledge even if it has no science behind it. I think any science need to be tested, demonstrated and proven before being taught anywhere.


All these false evolution theoryes have not been proven, nor tested nor demonstrated, but they are taught. Why don’t they wait until they have absolute proof for their theory before they teach it as science? If they can teach any theory that comes to their mind, and as long as theiy are evolution scientists they feel the freedom to do so, this is not science. No one, even any scientist could be able to teach an unproven theory which has no science to back it up as fact until it is proven true, with real data to back it up.


In this case anyone with a fairy tale can come up with it and teach it as long as they have a phd to back their ideas. You will then say ‘Well creation is not seen, no one has seen God creating the universe, yet you want it taught as science’ It is true that the Bible account are only believed by faith. Why? Because God chooses it to be so. But the same goes for the evolution theory. As the evolution theory is now mixed with real science since 150 years thanks to Darwin, Huxley and club X who did all they could with their influence in Briatin, they have been able to infiltrate science and use a humanistic philosophy ‘Everything came about by chance ad randomness’ to give the meaning of everything we see. Thus they have used the root of the origin of the universe and have changed the creation factor to an invisible force that no one has ever explained nor demonstrated. This genious mechanism or interpretation of all things makes it so now that many young people when they see anyting in nature immediately think ‘It came by chance and natural selection and millions of years’


Before Darwin people saw the same things we see today, lions, dogs, cats, fishes and birds. But these same creatures have now a different originator, instead of having been intelligently created, they have come about by chance randomness and natural selection. We conclude then that it is also something people believe by faith. Why? What proof have you of anything comeing by chance and randomness? If so, then what is chance? Can chance create anything? Can chance think? Can chance plan anything? Who invented the chance mechanism? Can you show proof of a cat turning into a dog? Do you have all the transition necessary to go from a fish to a bird? No.

Evolutionists say it would take about 150 million changes to go from one specie to another.


So for each fossil of fish we  find, we would be able to find 150 million transition for it to turn into a dog. Where are all these millions of transitional fossils for each specie in the world? That would be unumerable billions of transitionsl fossils for all the species available on earth! Yet out of the 100 millions fossils we have there is not one transitional fossil! Patterson in charge of the British museum who has 50% of all the fossils in the world said ‘If I knew of one single transitional fossil I would have included it in my book. Such a fossil does not exist’ Some people say ‘But fossilization is rare’ That does not change anything. Even if is rare there are no reason we should only find the beginning form and ending form of changes and not the billions of transitions. This is very strange. There is no way evolution can be possible without this proof.


To be fair, for the 100 millions fossils found on the earth today we should have 150 million times 100 million transitional fossils! Where are these transitional fossils? Some people take mostly Lucy, Cro Magnon, Nehanderthal man to be the transitionsl links from monkeys to humans.

It is true that someone found 3 ribs part of a skull and a knee, and they called this Lucy the ancestors of all things. This is the biggest part of the evolution brainwashing because many people have accepted this as revealed truth from the world of science.


Nevertheless we find that they do not tell you that the few bones found from the so called Lucy, the knee and the part of the skull were found 2 miles away! The person who found Lucy says now that they are from two different animals! What got evolutionists is that the knee is a bent knee, and most monkeys do not have bend knee. Most yes, but not all of them. There are secies of monkeys in Africa who have bent knees. I you take one hundred persons in any major city of the world: Los Angeles, Paris, Mexico city and lign them up, you will find that the skulls from one to another are extremely different. There is no scientific proof that Lucy was a human and many proofs that Lucy’s bones  were from two different monkeys.


The cro-magnons and nehanderthals, neigher were transitions. Coiseau a dentist has studies the bones of the nehanderthals and cro-magnons for fifteen years and has concluded that these bones belong to humans and have nothing of monkeys in them. Well you might say ‘But the skulls are bigger and we can see the backs are bigger’ Many scientists now say that this proves the cro-magnons and nehanderthals were humans with arthritis. If evolution is true and nothing goes in reverse but evolution always goes forward, then humans should have the biggest skulls ever. Why do humans today have smaller skulls than the so called cro-magnons and nehanderthals? There is no way evolution can be true if if never goes in reverse , yet evolutionists teach that these so called ancient man have bigger skulls than humans today!     



5 The main arguments and attitudes given by evolutionists during debates are:

Power of opinion

Judging by apparence

Science vs religion


Going to details

Burden of proof


a)   Power of opinion: my opinion matter so much that I do not need facts to back them up, or the opinions of the evolution scientists are so powerful that they do not need any explanation, you need to accepted them. Why? Because of their diplomas

b)   Judging by apparence: many people do not investigate deep into something but they rely on teachers and the masses to tell them what truth is.

c)   Science vas religion: your belief in creation is not science and cannot be proven, mybelief in evolution is backed up by thousands of scientists who have diplomas and give facts.

d)   Dishonesty and lying: some evolutionists when they see that they are loosing they start to lie and distort the facts and use lying to manipulate their cheriched ideas.

e)   Going to details: in debating evolutionists it often happens that thy will talk long about some tiny detail for the which you might now know anything about thus trying to prove that creation is wrong. It is important in creation-evolution debates to prove the beginning of things and ask the evolutionists to give proof of 1) Where mater came from 2) Where energy came from 3) Where do laws come from. Among other questions for the which they do not have any response as evolution is a religion but a false one.

f)    Burden of proof: many evolutionists will but the buden of proof on you and ask you to give the facts and ask you to explain as if they detained th truth and trying to show that you are someone who believes in fairy tales. In this it is important to state to them 1) My belief goes back to 6000 years ago, your theory is brand new, only 150 years old 2) Most people on earth today believe in creation 1 billion catholics, 1.5 billion Christians 1 billion Muslims. Then ask them to tell you: Tell me why should the majority believe in this brand new strange theory, and you as the minority have to give the facts on why evolution should be believed



Is personal opinion truth? Many people in these times we are living in think strongly that what they feel, the impressions they have the the feelings they have become truth. This is quite dangerous.The only time when a personal opinion would be true is that it would be backed with proof and facts. Just because someone thinks something, it does not make it true. Now question. Does the opinion of someone in power or someone who if very famous, or someone very powerful make his opinion more believable and true?


For many people in this world they believe what people in power tell them, or rich persons or powerful people. But this power of influence does not make their opinion more true than the opinion of a homeless person. Truth is truth whatever people say. Truth is truth whether no one on earth or in your neibourghood or country believes in it or not. Truth is truth whether all the persons in your country’s government believe in it or not or talk against it or not. ‘Ok the president of my county said this is not true’ So does that mean that Hitler’s was right in killing millions of Jews? No Just because he had an opinion does not make it true. Most people believed Hitler because he was right or because he was in power and admirable speaker? Most people believed Hitler because he was in power and a good speaker. Not because it was true.


Thus we see the deception many people in this world have about truth. Truth for them is all relative. Relative to what they feel at the moment, relative to what their families and friends believe in, relative to what the majority in your country believe in. So we can conclude that this ‘relative truth of circonstances’ is not truth but selfish personal opinion of the moment.


If God exists then truth would come from Him. Man has been placed on earth with the ability to either choose truth and honesty or choose lies and error. Then people would ask. ‘Why would God make it possible for man to lie or not lie?’ ‘Because love can only come throuth choice and if God had created people without the power of choice then as robots there would be no joy in having robot creatures worship you’ 


In this world many win discutions and debates not because they are right, but because of personality or popularity. Or because they believe strongly in their own opinions. Even if this opinion of false. Did Noah win a popularity contest? No. Thus sometimes falsehood sometimes wins. They will point out the facts that most people believe like they do on the evolution side and show you stupid in believing with the minority. Which is not true as most people on earth believe in creation.


People in general will follow a loud mouth even if he is wrong. People generally follow attitudes and someone outspoken. But this not make his opinion true. Knowing that the earth is under the control of Satan, then the powers that be in a great way here follow evil and the populations of the earth are influenced and follow as sheep their false sheperds.



Most people will not look deep into a question but will rely on teachers and what the masses are doing. ‘If most people in my country do it and believe in this, thus it must be right’ or ‘My teacher told me this, thus it must be right’ As if teachers were always right, were all honest all the time and did not have preconceived ideas and knew all things in the universe! 

I was on a place one year ago going back to Florida, and the lady sitting next to me told me: ‘But my teacher told me that the earth is millions of years old.ect…’ Seems like the power of the diploma is far greater in many minds that the power of truth.


People would prefer a lie told by a highly qualified person and will believe it than a great truth told by someone insignificant.

This is where the rubber meets tha rods. The Dover creation-evolution trial was lost by creationists because the evolution side were able to say that the creationists were not science and they were qualified scientists.

Thus the debate can be won when it is shown that evolution is not part of science but evolution has just been added to the science curriculum about 150 years ago, and cannot be procen, tested, nor demonstrated. Thus evolution is not part of science. As science is something we can prove, test and demonstrate.

What did evolution bring to science?

  1. Big bang –

  2. Transition from specie to specie-

c) Geological column-

d) Millions of years –

e) The pangea.

All these things are not part of science as they cannot be proven, tested, nor demonstrated. A good question I often ask is: ‘What did the evolution theory bring to the world of science when it arrived on the world’s scene about 150 years ago? Absolutely nothing scientific.

a)   BIG BANG: Big bang: the only proof for the big bang is that we know that the universe is expanding, and we can calculate at what rate. But this is not proof for evolution at all. It is like saying. I see a car with a licence plate fro California, driving at 40 miles an hour in Chicago, thus I can conclude the car lets from south Los Angeles about 58 hours ago.

We do not know if the car drove always at the same speed. We do not know if the car made stops along the way, we do not know if the car drove very fast then slowed down and left just hours away from the next town.

Thus the big bang is a fake, a complete hoax. God could and did full well after having created the universe, made it to expand at a certain rate. Thus the expansion of the universe started 6000 years ago from a certain point.


b)   SPECIE TO SPECIE: There are no proof whatsoever about all animals that we see today having being transformed into each other and from a single cell to what we see in the earth today. This also is not science but a fairy tale designed to distrust the Bible by diploma power. According the Darwinian evolution all things came from a one cell organism and transformed itself, gradually and very slowly into all things today. The question is: If this has been the case, then we should have ample proof all over the earth of these transitions. And without this innumerable proof, this specie transition can only be believed because of a diploma more than in facts.

Where then can we see proof of billions of transitions anywhere on the earth. The answer is: Nowhere.  The evolutionist Genie Scott from the national center for science education says in her debate with professor Berlinski that it would require if she had to give a number about 150000 changes to go from one specie to another. The truth is that no evolutionist knows how many changes it would require to go from one specie to another.


Thus, how can they know that so many transitions have taken place, if  they do not even know how many would be required to go from specie to specie? Lets say to go from one specie of fish to a bird it would require 150 thousands or 150 millions of transitions. Then if we multiply these transitions with all the species of animals on earth, then if we add the 90% of all species which are already extinct. How many transitional fossils should we then have? Billions upon billions.

The only way these transitions could be proven is that someone would go to a field and lign up all the 150 thousands of millions of transitional fossils one after the other in perfect order. Have you ever seen someone do that? No. Yes in school books there are drawings, and this is where young people are being deceived. But nowhere on earth can someone lign up all transitional fossils from all the species.

Then if we do not have the billions of transitional fossils as absolute proof then the evolution from specie to specie never happened. Evolution only happened in the mind of people never in reality. Evolution only happened in the imagination of the artists who are paid to draw ficticious drawings of some fairy ancient pre-historical world. Do the artists who draw pictures for the school books know exactly how the so called ancient man looked like, or the so called ancient animals looked like? No. So how do these artists know what to draw? They do not know. Some evolutionist bring them a jaw, or a single tooth, or a fragment of a skull, and they tell the artists: ‘Draw me a complete half human half ape creature from this fragment’

Thus the paintings and drawings in school books are complete frauds. There is not a single evidence that this fairy world ever existed. This world only existed in the minds of artists. Can an artist draw a half E.T. half human creature? Totally, there is no limit in the artistic world using the imagination. But since evolution has been added to science, these drawings are that which has deceived millions of young people in doubting the Bible and thus receiving a flood of unbelief and its woeful consequences.

Lucie for example is not really Lucie but fragment of ribs, fragments of a skull and a knee. The knee belongs to a different chimpanzee than the rest of the body. Yet fro these small fragments thousands of drawings have circulated the earth and showed these few bones to be something it has never been. What is the only argument evolutionists have that Lucie would have been part human part ape? The knee, they say Lucie’s knee is bigger than most moneys. That’s all? Just because the knee is bigger, a knee which was found by itself two miles from the rest of the bones! Wow. Then this is no proof at all as in Africa we find chimazees with such knees today.

Where do people get deceived in the transition and narutal selection story? In the ‘Little boys and girls here in the Galapagos we see finches with bigger bics, on this other island we see finches with smaller bics. This little children we have here the proof that all creatures can change from one to another.’ Well this is not true, and this is where most people are deceived into believing in evolution. Just because we see a change in a specie does not mean that this specie will change into another specie. And just because there is a change in one specie does not mean that this change was not produced by God. Yes in fact God has created ‘Natural selection’

We see changes in species, no doubt there are big dogs and small dogs. There are big horses and small poneys, there are big cats and small cats. But the changes in the species that God designed for the survival of the species does not mean that these changes have the power to transform creatures into some other creature. This is purely science fiction. No one has ever seen a cat turning into a dog, except in movies or comic books. This is not science.

God a designed the changes so that e would be able to survive through changes. If I live in Island and I move to Gabon, my body will adapt to the food, climate, people, ect…My skin will become more tanned, my body will adjust to the local water, and mosquitoes ect. This does not mean that I will change into a different creature. This is completely impossible as for this to be possible first a Divine power would have to perform this which is a supernatural action. Then the codes I the genes would be able to be there first. In the word NEW YORK can I do the word CALIFORNIA? No Why? Because the information is not available.. in the word New York letters like C and A and L are not found , thus in the DNA coding the information is not yet present for a change. Changes can be performed in the code already present. Bringing more hair, darker skin color ect… But no change into something else. No one has ever seen this.

But people say that chimps and humans have 98% od DNA in common. This does not prove anything, it just proves that the same designer used the same material to make humans and chimps. The Honda Civic and the Honda prelude have many things in common. Exhaust pipe, a.c., 4 cilynders, four wheels, ect. Just because I see the similarities, this would mean that the two Hondas evolved from a piece of metal found in Japan millions of years ago? No.

It is just that the same designer of Honda used the same material. Just because things ressemble other things in the universe it not a proof they evolve from each other. God uses the same notarial for his creation and the same method, it is in fact a proof of creation that because we see similarities in the universe, then we can see a Creator who has created all things.

  1. THE GEOLOGICAL COLUMN: Here we are at the theirs point of the things the theory added to science about 150 years ago, with some of them which came latter like the big bang. The geological column was invented by Charles Lyell. Charles Lyell was a friend of Charles Darwin. Charles Lyell hated the Bible, in his book ‘Principles of Geology’ we see him say ‘I want to rid science of Moses’ Thus we see here that there are agendas in the modern evolution world. Some evolutionists especially the leaders do not teach science, but they are in a war against God and do all they can to rid everything about God in science by interpreting it as natural forces. ‘Son may the force be with you’ What is the geological column? The geological column invented by Lyell says that the layers on the earth were deposited by long periods of time, through billions of years.

And that we have different fossils found in the layers. But did someone ever tell you that ll the layers you find in school science textbooks are nowhere to be found anywhere on earth? The geological column as described in the textbooks does not exist anywhere on earth. This geological column is a myth., a fantasy. It only exists in the minds of people. What is their proof that these layers were deposited for long ages? Because we see sometimes ‘simpler’ forms of life in the bottom layers and larger forms of life in the top layers.

Well this does not mean anything. In the Cambrian layer we have Trilobites, how come they suddenly appear out of nowhere? ‘Hey this is me the trilobite, do not mess with me’ No the only way animals could appear suddenly is that they were created by God. But if the evolution was true, we would have the proof that they evolved from one cell slowly then to the trilobite.

Well we have not found the proof for the past evolution’ Then do not teach it as fact until you have all the proof. Keep it as fairy tale until then. Then the trilobite has the most complicated eye ever. How could it be termed simple, when the trilobite has the most complex eye ever created? Is it very possible that when the flood happened, the trilobites did not run as fact as the horses and man, thus were buried first, then the creatures who are the most sturdy and strongest would be on the top layers of this earth melting worldwide flood? Totally.

We have found petrified trees which were buried vertically, passing through all the so called ‘geological layers’ How can this be, either a tree took billions of years to grow. Or the flood happened. There is no other solution. Trees do not take billions of years to form.

Then we find creatures such as the octopus found in al layers. This is kind of a problem for the evolutionists. Then we found in 1812 in a layer where no human would be supposed to be found. The questions is: How do we find a skeleton of a woman in a layer where humans would not have supposed to have existed yet? Millions of years before the so called apparence of humans? It is very simple, it is because humans already existed in all the layers, as animals and plants. But a flood happened around 4300 years ago. Immagine that a very powerful worldwide flood would happen today. We know this will never be the case as God said that He would never destroy the earth by a flood again.

But if this was the case and that an amazing amount of water would fall from the sky surpassing by far all hurricane water, and adding that gigantic amounts of water would gush also from the inside of the earth, putting everything upside down on the earth. Then we would have a completely transformed earth. As when Noah’s flood happened no part of the earth has been left untouched. Modern evolutionists do not take in account Noah’s flood, then surely they are completely mistaken on the data they see. As a real scientist would take all data in account and make conclusions accordingly. If a scientist willfully misses data, first he is not honest, he has prejudices and will always end up with false conclusions. Like the one we just saw about the similarities with humans and chimpanzees, not taking into account that God uses the same material for humans and chimps.

For al species to have changed into other species without God to create everything, then there would need to have been something, extremely intelligent, with extreme and careful planning, someone who knew in advance what the end goal would be from the beginning. Someone who would play with his creation and make it go in the path he wanted. Someone who has self power, ans self energy, who would not need to take energy from other things. Thus a I AM . Someone who would had designed a program just like a computer program.

And who would have made it to continue working for many years without stopping. It looks to me that such a system does not exist unless it is God. God is the only person who would have made the universe. The replacement for the evolution community is natural selection. Do Christians believe in natural selection? Yes. God made it so that creatures can have minor changes ‘in the specie’ but these changes can never be observed outside the specie.

Can natural selection be so powerful as to plan, think, have intelligence and energy from herself? No. If natural selection had such power, then natural selection would be a person. Is natural selection a person? No. Then we see that the evolution community is a totally religious system and theory as they give Godlike powers to a non human system called ‘natural selection’. Why this name ‘natural selection’? What’s natural about selection.

Can natural selection think? No. Then how can natural selection know what she wants in advance? How does she know what to select? Is she has no boss over her, then she is the one deciding what end product to have. Can natural selection plan, even millions of years in advance what she wants as the end product? No. As planning only comes from God.

Can natural selection find somewhere energy to make the selection. Selection requires a tremendous amount of energy. Immagine you would be the onel in charge of selection and transforming into your likeness all animals, all plants and all humans on earth. How much energy this would require? How much planning do you think would be required to select and change all creatures on earth? Everyday of their lives, for many years? Quite a lot of planning.

Ho much intelligence is required to select all animals, plants and humans, everyday? Lost of intelligence. Immagine working a place factory and you are the one in charge of selecting what needs to be changed in the planes before they are sent to be sols for commercial use so that millions can fly all over the world. How much intelligence do you think it would require to select and make changes to all the planes? Then natural selection would not need intelligence to select? Come on be honest!

Anything made requires intelligence. Question: Is the creator of something, like a painting or a movie ect. More or less intelligent than the thing he or she has created? The answer is ‘the creator of something is more intelligent that the thing he creates. Then is it not very easy to see that even after hundreds of years of science, many scientists realize they do not know almost anything about the universe. Then we can conclude that the universe is extremely complex, and we can also conclude that someone extremely intelligent created the universe.

Then to who this Creator is would be a personal research. As to Allah, Jesus, Bhoudah ect. Personaly I have no doubt that Jesus created the universe as it says in John 1:1-3 ‘ In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.’

Jesus is the Creator of all things. Whether planets of animals or humans

Colossians 1:15:17 ‘ Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature: For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.’

Here is says that not only Jesus created al things in the universe, but that the things in the universe consist in Him. Why do planets keep on spinning? How do bones grow of a child in a mothers’s womb? Why did animals grow to a certain point? How do cells and atoms stay together? Because of Jesus’ power. All things consist in Jesus.

Many people ask me the question about. Well if God exists why don’t He talk to everybody on earth. This question comes from thinking that God is supposed to come to everyone on earth and tell them about His existence. It is like the president of the Usa coming to every home in the USA and telling everyone in the USA that he is the president of the United States and would have to explain to them what the laws in the Usa are.

The same thing for God. As a human being who was born on earth, you have the personal responsability to search for yourself what truth is and why you are here and to search who God is and what He requires of you. It is not to God to come to you. Although sometimes God comes to someone personally to tell them about his existence. We have the instance of Saul of Tarsus who was traveling trying to lock up Christians and to put them in jail and kill them:

Acts 9:1-21 ‘And Saul, yet breathing out threatenings and slaughter against the disciples of the Lord, went unto the high priest, And desired of him letters to Damascus to the synagogues, that if he found any of this way, whether they were men or women, he might bring them bound unto Jerusalem. And as he journeyed, he came near Damascus: and suddenly there shined round about him a light from heaven: And he fell to the earth, and heard a voice saying unto him, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?

And he said, Who art thou, Lord? And the Lord said, I am Jesus whom thou persecutest: it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks. And he trembling and astonished said, Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? And the Lord said unto him, Arise, and go into the city, and it shall be told thee what thou must do. And the men which journeyed with him stood speechless, hearing a voice, but seeing no man. And Saul arose from the earth; and when his eyes were opened, he saw no man: but they led him by the hand, and brought him into Damascus. And he was three days without sight, and neither did eat nor drink. And there was a certain disciple at Damascus, named Ananias; and to him said the Lord in a vision, Ananias. And he said, Behold, I am here, Lord. And the Lord said unto him, Arise, and go into the street which is called Straight, and enquire in the house of Judas for one called Saul, of Tarsus: for, behold, he prayeth,

And hath seen in a vision a man named Ananias coming in, and putting his hand on him, that he might receive his sight. Then Ananias answered, Lord, I have heard by many of this man, how much evil he hath done to thy saints at Jerusalem: And here he hath authority from the chief priests to bind all that call on thy name. But the Lord said unto him, Go thy way: for he is a chosen vessel unto me, to bear my name before the Gentiles, and kings, and the children of Israel:

For I will shew him how great things he must suffer for my name’s sake. And Ananias went his way, and entered into the house; and putting his hands on him said, Brother Saul, the Lord, even Jesus, that appeared unto thee in the way as thou camest, hath sent me, that thou mightest receive thy sight, and be filled with the Holy Ghost. And immediately there fell from his eyes as it had been scales: and he received sight forthwith, and arose, and was baptized. And when he had received meat, he was strengthened. Then was Saul certain days with the disciples which were at Damascus. And straightway he preached Christ in the synagogues, that he is the Son of God. But all that heard him were amazed, and said; Is not this he that destroyed them which called on this name in Jerusalem, and came hither for that intent, that he might bring them bound unto the chief priests?’

Here we see the example of God calling a man Saul of Tarsus, who later changed his name to the apostle Paul. But in the majority of cases it is to mn to find out Why is he born on earth Who rules the universe What truth is And examine the Bible by him or herself. By that I mean study the Bible in an honest way as someone who would read the Bible with the intention to disprove it or to find faults with the Bible would not be profited. To understand the Bible one must first pray before each time he or she reads the Bible as taking in account that the Bible comes from outer space, then the things written therein are only spiritually discerned, and the human mind cannot in the natural understand what the Bible teaches. This is one of the reasons why some people find faults with the Bible, because the read the Bible without praying first and they become confused as to the meaning of the Word of God.

Conclusion on the geological column: It is unscientific, there is nowhere on earth where we can find the geological column in the order found in the drawings in the textbooks. This geological column does not exist. The layers were laided up very fast during the flood. Take a jar of dirt and sake it, in a few minutes you will have different layers. These layers also do not have billions of years.



 Which brings us to the questions of the millions of years. This is very important as if the Bible is true, then the earth must have 6000 years. Taking Adam and Eve and adding all generations to today we arrive at 6000 years of creation. One more point is that adding all generations from Adam to today we arrive at 7 billion persons. Oh! And this is exactly what we find today in the world, isn’t this amazing! If the theory of evolution was true then if man had appeared on earth about 150 million years ago they say, then we should have 150.000 persons per square inch.

Wow, this would be a crowded earth. How many people would that make in your house/ How many people would that make in your street? How many people should there be in your town! Thus we see that the theory of evolution is in total error on the population of the earth.

Evolutionists on the other hand say that the earth is billions of years old. What proof do you think evolutionists have to prove that the earth and the universe would be billons of years old? They use a) dating methods b) the geological column c) the fossil record

We just saw the geological column lie so for the dating methods. All dating methods are based on the same assumptions 1) All matter used to be constant 2) All carbon 14 used to be carbon 12 3) The electromagnetic field should have been constant since the big bang.

Well we already saw that the big bang never happened. But for the dating methods to work thee three assumptions would need to be true. But none of them is true 1) Matter has not been constant 2) Not all carbon 14 has always been carbon 12 3) The electromagnetic field has had great fluctuations in its history. Thus when someone says ‘We know the age of this fossils or this bone’ they do not know at all, they assume by faulty methods, and doing this the arrive at faulty results.

About 405 of known young object have false dating by the carbon 14 methods. Knowing that the older an object the error is exponential. Then we see that the dating methods are totally in erros about the billions of years story. Nothing on earth nor the stars nor anything in the universe has more than 6000 years. Except God’s kingdom, angels and his creatures.

One example is that is the planets would have been formed billions of years ago and they are cooling down, then all the planets should be totally cold now. Yet for example two of the moons of Jupiter are IO and Europa. Europa is a totally cold planet, but Io has 300 active volcanoes. Thee volcanoes shoot females 300 miles in the air, every 3 hours! But how can this be when Europa and Io are supposed to have come out from Jupiter? If you are honest, evolution is totally destroyed just by this example. If evolution is true then we should have the ‘oldest stars’ at the other surface of the universe, yet this is not the case. With the centrifugal force this should be the case. Why is it no the case if evolution is true and the universe would have existed since billions of years?

If the evolution theory is true then we should have also all the stars in the universe evenly distributed. There should not be clusters of stars in different part of the universe if the big bang really happened. Why are there beautiful cluster of stars which clearly show a Designer and a plan? If evolution was true then all the stars should be evenly distributed. Why aren’t they? This is because the universe is only 6000 years old and created by God.

Thy say that the trilobites are some of the most ancient creatures who supposedly lived millions of years ago, yet on Jun 1, 1968 William Meister an evolutionist found a human footprint stepping on a trilobite. How can this be if trilobites would have lived millions of years before humans?

In fact it was the footprint of a sandal. Were sandals invented millions of years ago? Or weren’t trilobites abound millions of years ago by always lived with man? This proves that the earth and its creatures only have 6000 years not millions.

In the Paluxy river I Glenrose Texas, have been found dino tracks with human tracks inside. This amazing event made the news and media to be on the spot. Evolutionists came from different places to see if this was really true. When news media asked a scientific evolutionist if he had looked at the tracks, he responded ‘ No I do not want to look at the tracks’ Thus we have here the roof that the world of evolution especially those in leadership of this so called scientific organization better called religious and cultic organisation are not after facts, but they are after all kinds of methods to expel God from the minds and excise themselves while on this earth. Nevertheless the Bible says that they will have no excuse.

Let’s say a hurricane is coming, and someone says that he does not belive in the hurricane. Does his belief makes it so that the hurricane will change his mind? No Lets say someone does not believe in tsunamis. If a tsunami hits his town, does his non belief in tsunamis makes it so that the tsunami will not come? No . Then the same is true with God if someone does not believe in God then his personal opinion and belief does not change truth and the facts that God does exist.

The only way someone’s opinion would be true on ‘God does not exist’ would be that this person would be the creator of the universe. But as not one human being has ever created the universe, thus God exist. The only reason someone can think false or use lying to come to conclusions proves that God exists and that God does not want forced love, but someone who examines the facts and comes to right conclusions. Then we can conclude that if someone whether educated or not, scientific or not, who uses prejudice and lying, can this person come to the truth? No. It is impossible for someone who uses lying to come to the truth as truth can only be found by being honest.

If someone believes that his car has no flat tire, he goes around the car but refuses to face the fact. Does reality makes it so that the flat tire disapears? No.

If modern evolutionistic science tarts with the assumption that all science comes from evolution and that god chance and god randomness created everything by they daughter ‘natural selection’ and that another fact that can be brought to the table will automatically be rejected, then what will be the result of the findings? Evolution.

For example if I tell you: ‘go in the store and I want you to only see oranges in the store, you cannot see anything else than oranges’ The person comes out of the store and says ‘I only saw oranges’ Does it make it so that the store only had oranges? No

But by false assumptions evolutionists come to false conclusions. They lie to themselves in the first place, thus cannot arrive to the right destination. Like someone going to New York from Michigan, but who takes the road to Los Angeles, This person can be sure to b on the right track and can willfully refuse to see the truth of his error, but it will not make this person to arrive in New York.

Pr 14:12 ‘There is a way which seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death’


One good argument to point out is that when evolutionists ask such and such a questions and creationists do not have the answer. Then the answer is easy as if God is God then surely there are many things about Him that we do not know and probably will never know. And the Bible tells us that God keep many things a mystery from us.

But on the part of the evolutionists when we ask a question about the theory of evolution and they do not have the answer, this is a big problem, because anything taught in school should have the answers and any question asked should be able to be answered. How can a topic be taught in school for the which the teacher has no answers to the student’s questions! It would not be conceiveable. This topic would be quite speedily be removed from the classroom as it would not be able to be taught as fact. This is the case for the evolution theory. The theory of evolution should not be taught as fact and it should not be taught at all until all the answers could be answered on the topic. This proves that the theory of evolution is a religion.

Questions like

1 Where does matter come from if the theory of evolution is true?

2 Where does energy come from if the theory of evolution is true?

3 Where do laws come from if evolution theory is true?

4 Where are the billions of transitional fossils?

5 Lign up in a field all transitional fossils one one specie from the first on to the last?

6 Then add up all the species on earth and lign up all the billions of transitional fossils from the first to the last development of this specie.

7 Who made natural selection?

8 How did natural selection start?

9 Does natural selection has a brain, intelligence, thought or planning power?

10 Then how does natural selection know what to select without a plan?

11 How does she knows in advance what the end product will be without a brain, nor intelligence?

Who ever saw a creature changing into a different creature, prove all creatures transformed into something else.

12 How come trilobites and other Cambrian creatures appeared suddendly?

These and many more questions cannot be answered by a topic which is taught in school as fact. Thus if the theory of evolution really was science these would be answers. Thus if the theory of evolution was really science its advocates would be able to answer these questions. It boggles the mind to think that a topic such as evolution is taught in school yet no teacher anywhere on earth can answer these questions, yet they teach this theory as if they knew all the answers.

For God I agree I do not know everything as God is all powerful and mysterious, but the evolutionists need to agree and be honest on the fact that evolution is also a religion which is taken a faith value and only believed by faith. Faith in who? Faith in the teacher’s diploma. Whatever the teacher says it becomes the word of God. I think people and the masses have to rethink about taking all things taught as truth and fact.

Well lets answer these questions for them

1 Where does matter come from if the evolution theory is true? In fact this is a very good questions for the which no person on earth and no evolution scientist has any answer. If God created the universe, then as God is all powerful then He can create matter. But if the universe came about with randomness and chance. Then these so called powers randomness and chance would have no way to create matter, as randomness and chance are not living entities. A good questions to ask here too is Where dies randomness and chance come from? Who created chance and randomness. If all things came from a big bang, then a rock appeared, then it rained on the rocks for millions of years, then the rain transformed into primordial soup. Then a living cell appeared. When we ask.

How did that happen. They say ‘chance and randomness’ Then where did these processes come from? They do not know. Then we see that matter is a serious subject as all things are created of matter. If evolution was true then we should have the explanation about where matter comes from. ‘Well they do not know this yet’ Then why should they teach something in schools for the which they do not know the answer and teach is as fact? Maybe there is a hidden agenda here as someone normally would not teach a subject in school unless they would really know that this subject was true. It is like explaining the end of something, but not knowing where it came from. Then the best thing would be to wait until someone found out where matter came from where energy came from where chance came from and randomness and how they were created. Until then no one should be able to teach that they came by naturalistic processes. Who created naturalistic processes anyway?

2 Where does energy come from if the theory of evolution is true? One second of the sun’s energy is equivalent as one billions citie’s energy, if there was such a thing as one billion cities on earth. The sun is burning an amazing amount of energy. Where does this energy comes from? Your body is burning thousands of calories all the time. Amazing energy. Who created this system? And energy itself. Where does it come from. Who made it so that bodies and planets burn energy? This is a software, someone must have planed, designed and built the softwares. As in computers, softwares do not come about one morning when we turn on the computer. Someone clearly did create energy.

If evolution is true, then energy must come from chance and randomness and here we ask the same question. Then how would chance and randomness create energy. Understanding that these powers would if they had created all the universe and all humans and animals would have needed an amazing amount of energy themselves. But chance and randomness are not living entities, thus they cannot have energy, nor can they create energy. Needing energy themselves and needing to have been thought of, planed and created themselves. Thus energy coming from the evolution theory is utterly impossible. As only an intelligent being must have created energy. Someone who is self living the I AM. Someone who eould have the power to bring into existence such a thing as energy.

3) Where do laws come from if evolution is true?

If the toeory of evolution is true then we should have no lwas in the universe, thus no human being would be able to crate laws too, as this proves a legislator. Someone who would have the power to lesgislate, and if legislator then someone who would have the right to judge His creation. The laws such as the Newton laws of motion and other laws could not have evolved. Questions How did the laws in the universe come about? How would they have evolved? Why do e have laws? I do not want an answer like ‘Maybe evergy got tohether and natural selection evolved laws in such and such a manner’ This is no explanation but just fancy. And many times evolutionists will give an answer which is totally fairy tale, just to prove their point, no seeing that they would invent whatever as long as it would fit their theory. But in this case we leave the realm of science and enter the realm of fairy tale and dungons and dragons.

If we have laws, it is very logical to come to the conclusion that these laws come from a legislator. The signe like 55 on the highways, did they fall from the sky? Or did the 55 signs on the roads evolve from a tree milions of years ago? Then how did they come to be? Someone put them there. But the law itself not to drive more than 55 who created it? An alien who visited the earth? No The law 55 fell from the sky? No. Someone with a brain made a law a legislator. Thus we can conclude also that the laws of the universe come from a being who ca think and is a legislator. In this case someone who can judge his creatures.

4 Where are the billions of transitional fossils? This is an important question, as lets say you just came to know about all these things about science, creation and evolution, and you are someone very honest. You are not biased by working in a scientific environment nor do you have family members heavily involved in evolution. Then your first question will be ‘You say all animals evolved from one another, and your two ways of proving this is a) the geological column b) the so called transitional fossils like Archeopterix.

You also say that if would require about 150 milion changes to go from one specie to another. My question is:

‘If this was so, then we would have pure facts about all these changes from all species and all forms of life and all kinds of animals, from land and sea. Right? And each specie and kind of animal would need to produce 150 million transitions. Then if we calculate al species on earth which has been numbered to 8,7 million which would equal to 1305 billon transitional fossils.

So I want you to lign un in a field all the 150 million transitional fossils which went from a fish to a bird.’

‘Well we do not have all these transitional fossils’

‘This causes a big problem, because, this mean that most people believe in evolution without any proof’

‘Yes they do, in fact they trust what the teachers and scientists tell them without any proof for themselves’

‘Isn’t this manipulation and abusing power and the credulity of people on diplomas? Then if to go from one animal to the next if would require 150 million transition, then we can also conclude that 150 million less 2 fossils would all be transitional fossils’


This means that for each fossil we find in the dirt of a beginning creature or a regular animal we

Should find 150 million less 2 of transitional fossils.’

‘Yes this is correct, the great majority of fossils we find should be transitional fossils’

‘Yet how come most fossils we find are not transitional fossils?’

‘It proves that evolution never took place’

‘Not only that but mathematically is all creatures changed into other creatures, and it takes 150 million transitions, then more than 99% of all fossils should be transitional fossils’

‘Yes, there is no proof that evolution ever did took place, in fact Paterson who is in charge of 50% of all fossils in the world along with Raup and Elredge says ‘if I knew of one transitional fossil I would have included it in my book, such a fossil does not exist’

‘But it evolution really happened, then the proof should be in the fossils, without proof in the fossils then evolution is just the figment if someone’s imagination which has become legel to study for political reasons, but for the which there is no scientific proof’

5 Can any scientist on earth be able to lign up in a field somewhere on earth all transitional fossils one one specie to another from the first on to the last?

No, no one on earth can lign up all fossils which would go from one specie to another. Thus there is no prof for evolution. Having fossils like archeopterix and a few so called transitional fosils doe sno count. They say that you could be able to put all the transitional fossils in a little box and they would all fit together. That’s how few transitional fossils we have on earth. This is not proof at all for evolution. In a court of law, these fraud bones like Archeopterix is would not count for evidence. They would be struck down.The only reason evolutionists would win in court like in the Dover trial is that they are on the side of what is socially acceptable, and what is lawful by law: evolution teaching. Who ever legalized the teaching of evolution in schools? I do not know. I know that in England the club X and Huxley were responsible for the propaganda of Darwin’s ideas. Seeing that the Club X was in charge of all science, then what they decides became law in England. Then as the world saw that this was a ‘good excuse’ to forget God, the most nations on earth adopted this false teaching. Yet lying to oneself is no ‘good excuse’ . Just because someone believes in something, it does not make it true. There is need of proof and evidences to make something true. Just because the laws of the lands in most countries teach evolution does not mean that it is true.

In the middle ages most lands taught that the earth was the center of the universe, and most scientists taught this. It does not make it true.

One hundred years ago most physicians taught that you had to let the blood out of a person to heal them. We know know that this is false.

About 50 years Ago the world of medicine was still performing lobotomies, we now know that lobotomies are very dangerous. Just because the majority teache something does not make it true.

Most people think, ‘Well if there is a God, He will excuse mefor having believed the theory of evolution. After all most people in my country, or city or in the school I attended believed in evolution, thus God will understand that as we humans judge by what other people ar edoing, then God will understand that I just followed the crowd, I just went along with the majority, I just followed the current of though in my days, and God will totally understand this.’

‘No God will not understand this, even if most people in your country and town did evil, you have the responsibility not to follow in their footsteps.’

‘ But would God expect me to investigate by myself if what is taught in school is true? After all isn’t God responsible for the powersof this planet and isn’t God responsible for the teachings in school and in the media? After all if God is the crator, surely He would be in control and responsible for the teachings on television and in the schools and universities’

‘No,God does not control nor force man to teach anything. The God of the Bible chooses a few man on earth to bring his message of salvation and warning about the earth ending very soon, and the end of the world which will come as a big surprise to many. But God does not force man’s will. God does not impose a certain curriculum in schools. If the governments as some are choose to totally remove God from the school curriculums, God does not force them not to. But the Bible tells us that for everything there will be a judgment.And those who taught many childerns evolution and brainwashed them for life about evolution and made them not to believe in the Bible ( as someone who believes in randomness cannot believe at the same time in God’s creation) will be very severely judged)

6 Then add up all the species on earth and lign up all the billions of transitional fossils from the first to the last development of this specie.

No this is an impossibility, yet if someone would be able to lign up all fossils from all species on earth from the first fossil and adding up next to them all the transitional fossils to the last one, then the evolution theory would be proved. But as not one has ever found transitional fossils enough for this theory to be true. Then evolution is still an unproven theory, just an opinion and an idea. Evolutionists say that evolution is a fact. But my question is What would constitute evolution a fact that all animals transformed over time? Fossils. Then where are these fossils? Nowhere. Thus evolution is not true. There are nice paintings and drawings in the schools about evolution, we see the horse evolution, going from a small horse to a big horse. We see so called ancient man and how they would have evolved to man today. But we need to know that these things shown as fact are not true in reality. They only exist in the imagination of the minds of some artists hired by the scientists. Nowhere on earth or in reality do we find these changes from specie to specie. They do not exist.

7 Who made natural selection?

The modern science world (yet taking the word science and stealing this word from the creationists like Newton, Mendel, Pascal, Pasteur.) says that all things come from this process and mechanism they call natural selection. As a evolution skeptic, I would ask the questions

‘Where do you evolutionist say that natural selection comes from?

Did natural selection began to evolve from something else? Yet is all things evolve through the power of natural selection, how can natural selection come from a power outside of itself which would have needed to have been created?

Who made natural selection?

This process and mechanism natural selection, who created the software? ‘Well it came by itself’ How did it come by itself? No one has the answer. Yet how can people claim that this power natural selection has the power to transform everything into other things yet they cannot explain how it did come about. Until you can explain to us how did this power natural selection came about, who created it and how it would be able to transform creatures into other species, then you have the duty to bury the theory until you have prof for it.

As a beliver in the Bible i believe in natural selection and i believe thatGod created natural selection. But that this ‘keeing power’ works only in the specie and has no power to transform something into another specie. In fact if natural selection did not exist there would be no one on earth today and no animals. As lets say I live a long time in Florida and I move all of a sudden to Alaska, the only way I would survive the trip, the food change and the climate os through natural selection. Without it I would die. So would every human being and every animal on earth. In the Bible we have the story of Jacob who has a flock and wants to make it so that his flock is a certain way, so he inbreeds the animals so they end up a certain way. This does not mean that the animals would turn into giraffes or elephants! How foolish to believe in such a fairy tale as evolution.

Ge 30:37-43  ‘And Jacob took him rods of green poplar, and of the hazel and chesnut tree; and pilled white strakes in them, and made the white appear which was in the rods. And he set the rods which he had pilled before the flocks in the gutters in the watering troughs when the flocks came to drink, that they should conceive when they came to drink. And the flocks conceived before the rods, and brought forth cattle ringstraked, speckled, and spotted. And Jacob did separate the lambs, and set the faces of the flocks toward the ringstraked, and all the brown in the flock of Laban; and he put his own flocks by themselves, and put them not unto Laban’s cattle.

And it came to pass, whensoever the stronger cattle did conceive, that Jacob laid the rods before the eyes of the cattle in the gutters, that they might conceive among the rods.But when the cattle were feeble, he put them not in: so the feebler were Laban’s, and the stronger Jacob’s.  And the man increased exceedingly, and had much cattle, and maidservants, and menservants, and camels, and asses.

8-11 When did this natural selection start?

If natural selection is the process by which all things have been created and have changed over long periods of time, then this mechanism called natural selection must have had a start. When did natural selection start working? At the big bang? Did natural selection start working at the primordial soup? Did natural selection start working at the time of the so called first cell? If all things are changed by the power of natural selection, then this power must have had a beginning. When was this beginning? No one knows, then we again fall into religion instead of science, as if no one knows when natural selection started to work, then no one can prove that this mechanism would be self existent as most evolutionists claim it is. Lets say natural selection appeared at the time of the first cell. Then did it evolve slowly? Who created the mechanism to program every living thing to change overtime into a specific and planned outcome?

If you say no one has created natural selection, then you would have to explain how did natural selection did come about. Natural selection did not pop into existence, this would be a total fairy tale. As natural selection we know changes creatures inside the species, (outside specie change is also fairy tale without any scientific proof of an animal changing into a different animal), then how does natural selection knows how to change a certain animal or plant in advance? It is just random? But if the creatures stated non living and changed onto complex, how can randomness change something into more complicated yet without intelligence to do so?

This is nonsense, the only way you can change something into something else is that you would have intelligence to change something, you would need planning. No one can build anything unless it has been planned. If I build a chair, I need to plan the height, length of the chair. How many nails I would use, and what material the chair would be made of. I cannot just randomly build a chair without having intelligenge, forethought, and planning. Thus natural selection cannot slowly build something without knowing forst what she wants in the final product. Thus natural selection was created by God to preserve species, but not to change species from one to another. Such a thing has never been seen.

12 How come trilobites and other Cambrian creatures appeared suddendly?

If the theory of evolution is true, then we should have slow changes from specie to specie, and the first layer in the geological column should have very limited forms of life like amibas and cells, which would slowly evolve. But in the Cambrian layer we have very complex forms of life. How can this be when below these creatures we do not have anything leading to these creatures. Did they appear at once? If not what is the proof they would have evolved? There is no proof that these creatures ever evolved. If the Bible is true and there was a flood 2300 B.C. Then the most feeble creatures would have been buried first, and the strongest would have been buried last in general. And this is exactly what we see in the geological column, which in fact is not anything evolutionistic, but only comes from all creatures been buried at once at the time of the flood.

Then in the following layers we find creatures much bigger and stronger which appear suddeldly! How much evolution is this? None. There are no transition leading to them, no slow gradual change. Folks evolution never happened. Evolution is a fairy tale for grown ups. The layers of the geological colomn were not laid during millions of years, but in one moment. If you shake dirt in a bottle, in a few minutes you will have different layers forming. This has nothing to do with millions of years of time. The prilobite found in the deepest layer of the geological column who is supposedly one of the most primitive creature, has in fact one o the most advanced eye in the universe. How can this be, when the trilobite should be the most primitive creature ever?

Petrified trees have been found crossing all layers of the so called ‘geological column’ How can this be when trees do not take billions of years to grow! Something is very wring somewhere. Someone is lying to us and deceiving millions on a theory which sounds very scientific but which is planned to destroy faith in God and the truth. If you love truth, then you will follow it. Even if you have cherished an idea for a long time, but you found out it is not true and someone has lied to you, even some people high up in the echelon of life, the honest thing to do is to give up the lies and be glad someone told you about the truth and how you were deceived.


1 If God is God, then why doesn’t He appear on earth or talk to humans about his existence

2 Why would God need to die on the cross, is not this self mutilation?

3 Why does God need a book for people to read?

4 You will be judged as Christian I will be judged as non believer thus why should I fear the judgment?

5 I make my own reality, what I feel and believe becomes truth

6 You only need to do good in life and God will see this good you have done and be merciful

7 God will weight my good against my bad deeds

8 There is no such thing as absolutes

9 There are many contradictions in the Bible

10 The Bible is not a science book

11 Religion and science are opposite

12 If the Bible was true, how come then the great minds and the great scientists of our age do not believe in the Bible?

13 People in the Bible times did not know what we know today about science and technological advancements

14 No one can be sure Jesus really existed


1 If God is God, then why doesn’t He appear on earth or talk to humans about his existence?

This is a very god question. Many people have asked me this question and it is on the mind of honest people everywhere. They wonder why wouldn’t God appear on earth and tell everyone that He exists and why won’t He tell everyone to believe in Him.

First of all God’s character is totally opposite to man’s character. God is very unassuming and hates to ‘show Himself’ we see that in the story of Jesus where His brothers tell Him. If you are the Messiah why won’t you show yourself and tell everyone you are the Son of God. Other times Jesus after doing a miracle would tell the person not to tell anyone. God is very unassuming and hates to show off.

Jn 7: 4 ‘For there is no man that doeth any thing in secret, and he himself seeketh to be known openly. If thou do these things, shew thyself to the world.’

Also one of the main traits of character to go to heaven is faith. Why do people need to have faith? Because God chooses it to be so. Why do people have to drive 55? Because the government chose it to be so. We can argue about the fact that we would want to drive faster, but the fact remains that those in leadership make the rules and other people need to follow the rules. The same goes for god, He knows what’s best for us, so when God requires people to have faith in Him, then people have the choice to bury their measure of faith and all their lives to put this measure o faith in a drawer, of to take out this measure of faith given to all human beings and use it so that it can grow stronger.

If God appeared on earth, would anyone grow their faith? No. Faith would not exist anymore. As all humans would see God, then there would not be any more need of faith. Then all people would see Jesus and then all would give the argument that as they believe in Jesus He would have to bring them all to heaven.

Also the Bible says that God is a consuming fire. And that when Jesus comes again He will kill the wicked with the brightness of his coming. If God would appear now then most people on earth would die because in God’s presence sin has to die. So for God to appear on earth would mean that most people living would instantly die from the sin which lives in them.

2 Th 2:8 ‘And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming.’

Then it is not for God to tell humans He exists, but for humans to search out and find out why they are alive? Why is there right and wrong? And What is truth? Everyone who is honest will find truth. If a foreigner comes to a country, he has the duty to find out what the laws are, it is not to the president of the country to come to him and tell him what the laws are. The same goes for God. It is to human beings to seek God and find Him. In fact the Bible says

2 Th 1:8  ‘In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.’

God will avenge Himself on all the people who did not search for Him and who did not obey the truth of the Bible. Because they were called by the Holy Spirit to do so and will have no excuse

Je 29:13 ‘And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.’

2 Why would God need to die on the cross, is not this self mutilation?

To humans this would appear so, but lets say you are the Creator of the universe and you give the freedom of choice to your creatures instead o having them be robots. Then you hve the possibility of them loving you freely or hating you. If you make your creature robots, then they will be forced to love you, but this love will not come from the heart. Earth has gone wrong, the only planet in the universe to have done so. Hebrews says that without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins. From Adam we have a sinful nature, but through the grace of God everybody can overcome this and every sin. So there is no excuse for sin. When someone sins they deserve to die. Sadly everyone who ever lived on earth has sinned many times, except Jesus who has never sinned. Thus we all deserve to die. Have you ever lied? Then you are a liar. Have you ever ever stolen something? Then you are a robber. Have you ever lusted for a married woman? Then you are an adulterer. What do you deserve?

Death, in fact eternal death. What is the solution to not die? That someone ‘like’ God would die in your place. If you steal a car, you go to court. You deserve to go to jail, but if someone pays you debt and fee, you go free. The only way for you to go free and continue living after the judgment is that you would have accepted the price paid for you, you believed in the death of Jesus for you on the cross and His forgiveness of your sins. Could a human being or an angel die in our place? No Only god could have taken our punishment. This sacrifice is out of love for the human race so that a few of us could make it in heaven and not die eternally like many humans will.

3 Why does God need a book for people to read?

If God is real then why does He not speak to people all over the earth? We have already covered this above, if God then does not talk from heaven often, yes He did in the Bible. Then how would you want to communicate to your creatures some other ways? 1 You would choose to send your thoughts to humans and explain to them the way to save themselves from this bad situation on earth

2 You would choose a few man and send them all over the earth to tell the truth about Yourself.

So it is very reasonable for God to send a book. This idea seems foolish to us, but God can use any method He chooses, as He is the one to judge us and not us to judge Him. And sending a few man on earth to preach the message to salvation from sin is very sensible also.

4 You will be judged as Christian I will be judged as non believer thus why should I fear the judgment?

It is true that those who knew a lot about the Bible will be judged more harshly than those who did not spent their tie in church nor reading the Bible. This means one who God choose to read the Bible and tell the truth. But in a general sense most people on earth will be judged the same way a everyone on earth would have had the chance to know what truth is and could have purchased a Bible at a local store. There will be no excuse. In fact everyone wil be judged according to what they could have known but refused to know. Those who do not want to read the Bible because they are afraid to see things that will go against their practices will be judged as if they knew everything about the Bible but refused to investigate. This is honest and just. If someone comes to your country and refuses to search out what the laws are in the country, they are judged ad if they knew the laws. Innocence is no excuse in this case. Everybody has a conscience and can decide what is right and wrong from their own conscience. No one will have any excise there also. The Holy Spirit touches everybody’s heart almost everyday to tell them what the right way is. This is stand as a test in the judgment and people will have to give an answer on why they did not follow the voice of the Holy Spirit.

5 I make my own reality, what I feel and believe becomes truth

If there is no such thing as absolutes, then truth does not exist, only opinions. Do you believe in absolutes? No Are you absolutely sure? Yes, then you make of non absolutism an absolute. If you are sure about something then it is absolute for you. If I ask you the question: ‘Do you prefer dogs or cats’ You can say ‘I prefer dogs’ This is a personal topic and not an absolute. But when we talk about ‘Should we drive 55 here or not’ this is absolute. When talking about God or evolution we are talking about absolutes in the which only one answer is the right answer.

Either God made the universe of the universe made itself. There is no other choice. Whatever a person thinks personally does not matter and does not change the facts. If I say I do not believe that Kenya exists. Does this change the fact of the existence of Kenya? No Kenya still exists whether I believe in it or not. God still exists whether people believe in Him or not.

Personal opinion is not truth. Impressions in our minds often are not truth, feelings we feel often are not truth. Yet many people base all their lives on these things, impressions, thoughts, and feelings.

Truth is based on facts and proofs. Evolution has no fact to back it up, only a personal opinion from Darwin who thought about this thing of differences in animals such as the finches of the Glapagos, but they overlooked the fact that just because we see changes in the sam animals from one island to another does not mean they change into something else. Non one has ever seen such changes.

6 You only need to do good in life and God will see this good you have done and be merciful

No good works do nto bring you to heaven. Bad people can often do good works, this does not mean that their hearts is changed and that they are becoming holier. True doing good deeds eradicates selfishness, but even here only God can remor ethe selfishness and rottenness in our hearts. No one else can. Eternal life is knowing God and Jesus Christ. Nothing else will do. Someone can not believe at all in Jesus, do many wonderful things, feed the poor, but if they did not have faith in Jesus they definitely end up in hell. Because sin is only forgiven through faith in Jesus.

Someone can struggle a lot in his life with sins, but is sanctified slowly by God throughout time, but has had faith in God and in the sacrifice of Jesus. This person ends up in heaven. Nevertheless all people in heaven will be rewarded by the good works they would have done.

7 God will weight my good against my bad deeds

The truth is that those who will make it to heaven wil have to have such a character as to not have any spot or any wrinkle I their character, no liars, no robbers will be in heaven. Then we need to overcome all defects of character here before the end of the world. This is the time of probation, Jesus is right now in the most Holy place in he heavenly Sanctuary, applying his blood on our behalf. And giving us time to form characters for heaven. This short time of probation will soon end.

8 There is no such thing as absolutes

Personal opinions about God do not count, as God is who He is whatever people think about Him. How do we know who God is? It is written in the Bible. If I believe not in God, does my mind have the power to make God disappear? No This is such foolishness. If someone in the bushes does not believe in the president of the Usa. Does that make it so that this president never existed? No.

Personal opinions to become truth need to be backed up with proof. An educated person being dishonest cannot arrive at truth. An ineducated person who is honest will arrive at truth. Truth can only be found in honesty. Lying about the facts like they do so many time sin the evolution world will never make them arrive at truth, because they want something to be such a way so bad that they will contort and distort the facts to fit their wishes. Such a method will never make someone find the truth.

9 There are many contradictions in the Bible

There are no contradictions in the Bible. The are namy apparent contradictions in the Bible but no contradictions. For example if I see an accident happening in the street and I see only the end of the accident. I see a bicycle rider going over the hood of the car and then falling on the ground. I assume that the car did hot the bicycle driver. If there is someone else watching the event and he saw all things from the beginning, nd he says I saw the bicycle driver hitting the car windshield and breaking the windows, then trying to steal the purse from the driver, but at the end the driver blind from the broken windshield had it so that the bicycle guy went on the hood of the car then fell on the ground. Then I have a different story.

Is 28:10 ‘For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little

This Bible verse if the manual on how to study Scriptures. A little here a little there. One verse in the Bible seems to say something, but when we read ll the verses about the topic all over the Bible we have a very different picture.

For example there are hundreds of verses in the Bible that say Jesus is God almighty as the Father and the Holy Spirit are. But if a few verses seem to say different, then what do we conclude? That God does not know what He is talking about? No. But that maybe the word was wrongly translated in English. For example this verse says:

Re 3:14 ‘And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God’

This seems to imply that Jesus is the beginning of the creation of God. But if we look in the Greek we see that the word ‘beginning’ is ARCHE Which in fact means the ‘originator ‘ of the Creation of God or ‘the one who began the creation of God’ So we se that it does not contradicts the other Bible texts who say Jesus is the creator of the universe and Jesus is divine.

10 The Bible is not a science book

Well let’s say you are God and you want to save humanity and tell them you love them and that salvation is only found in His son. What would it profit for God to have the Bible full of very difficult science equations and things that no human would understand? It would profit no one. God is the author of all things in the universe, all science laws, all physics laws, the law of gravity, all animals and plants, the planets in orbit, He has created all things. Nature and science are here for us to find out who God is and be wondered at his amazing character and beautiful personality.

11 Religion and science are opposite

This is often said in the evolution vs creation debates all over the internet and in real debates. This seems to indicate that religion is something old and that science and evolution are synonims. Where do you see this in the dictionaries? If this was the case then Darwin would have been the inventor of science and in around 1844 science started its journey. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most branches of science were already started before Darwin. What’s worse for evolutionists is that most branches of science were started by creationists. Taken from the Evolution cruncher here is a list of creationists and their accomplishments in the world of science:

Louis Agassiz (1807-1873): glacial geology, ichthyology.

Charles Babbage (1792-1871): actuarial tables, calculating

machine, foundations of computer science.

Francis Bacon (1561-1626): scientific method of research.

Robert Boyle (1627-1691): chemistry, gas dynamics.

Sir David Brewster (1781-1868): optical mineralogy,


Georges Cuvier (1769-1832): comparative anatomy, vertebrate


Sir Humphry Davy (1778-1829): thermokinetics.

Jean Henri Fabre (1823-1915): entomology of living


Michael Faraday (1791-1867): electric generator, electromagnetics,

field theory.

Sir John A. Fleming (1849-1945): electronics, thermic


Joseph Henry (1797-1878): electric motor, galvanometer.

Sir William Herschel (1738-1822): galactic astronomy,

double stars.

James Joule (1818-1889): reversible thermodynamics.

Lord William Kelvin (1824-1907): absolute temperature

scale, energetics, thermodynamics, transatlantic cable.

Johannes Kepler (1571-1630): celestial mechanics, ephemeris

tables, physical astronomy.

Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778): classification system,

systematic biology.

Brief History of Evolutionary Theory 21

Joseph Lister (1827-1912): antiseptic surgery.

Matthew Maury (1806-1873): hydrography, oceanography.

James C. Maxwell (1831-1879): electrical dynamics,

statistical thermodynamics.

Gregor Mendel (1822-1884): genetics.

Samuel F.B. Morse (1791-1872): telegraph.

Isaac Newton (1642-1727): calculus, dynamics, law of

gravity, reflecting telescopes.

Blaise Pascal (1623-1662): hydrostatics, barometer.

Louise Pasteur (1822-1895): bacteriology, biogenesis law,

pasteurization, vaccination, and immunization.

Sir William Ramsey (1852-1916): inert gases, isotropic


John Ray (1827-1705): natural history, classification of

plants and animals.

John Rayleigh (1842-1919): dimensional analysis, model


Bernhard Riemann (1826-1866): non-Euclidean geometry.

Sir James Simpson (1811-1870): chloroform, gynecology.

Sir George Stokes (1819-1903): fluid mechanics.

Rudolph Virchow (1821-1902): pathology.

All of these people were creationists and did give the foundation of science as we know it today. To say Darwin and evolution is science is lying and stealing from the true people who found science. To say religion and science are opposite is to say. ‘I am dishonest and I will only accept things that fit my theory’ This is not science, as science is a search of truth wherever it comes from. Science should ccept all facts as long as they can be tested, proven and demonstrated. Wherever these facts come from. When evolutionists refuse all things that come from the creationist world, they show that they are biased and dishonest with the facts and are hiding something and have a hidden agenda.

12 If the Bible was true, how come then the great minds and the great scientists of our age do not believe in the Bible?

The legalizing of something does not make it true. Spain and Morroco did legalise marijuana for a while, does that it lake it that the plant is good for people to smoke? No. The Usa had forbidden the use of alcohol for a while, does that mean that today anyone who buys alcohol goes to jail? No. Just because something is highly esteemed among men does not mean that God approves of it. God is not behind the legal affairs of man, nevertheless God can intervene in the affairs of man and the history of the world when needed.

Science was marketed by Club X and Huxley in England who had all power in the scientific world. Whatever they chose became law. Thus if they chose creation not to be science, this is what it became. It does not mean it is right.

Many practices were seen as science and true like lobotomies, letting the blood out, big rocks falling faster than small rocks, this does not make it true. In many things the majority is often wrong. So if today’s science makes evolution to be taught as law, does not mean that it is true. No one can claim that in a few years all science will come out saying that they were all wrong about the theory of evolution.

13 People in the Bible times did not know what we know today about science and technological advancements

This is not true. It is true that in the middle ages people had less knowledge because the powers that be then did not allow the common people to learn more than the basics of knowledge. But the stagnation of knowledge in the middle ages does not mean that before that people were not more intelligent than people now. It is true that because of time passing then society accumulates knowledge, but the accumulation of knowledge does not mean than people are smarter now than in the Old Testament times. In fact there are many hints that tell us that people in the Old Testament times were much more intelligent than now.

In the book of Job we see Job having many problems and his friends come and speak to him. Then we see them not speaking a word to him for seven days because of his grief. Then in the conversations on the book of Job we see very long conversations. Very possibly people were so intelligent in these times that one person spoke for maybe hours and the other person thought about the matter and answered also for quite a long time. Nowadays the media has made people dumb where they do not need to think anymore and passively receive information sent to them in package form.

For example the pyramids of Egypt used technology that no human being knows how to use today. How did they lift these gigantic stones? How could they carry them from the mountains where they were taken to the building spot? No one knows. We have found artifacts like batteries dating to the Egyptian dynasties, flying object that look like planes, even computers dating to many years in the distant past of Old Testament times. How did these people know how to use these things if they were less intelligent than people today?